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Originally Posted by Crimsonred
This is not a cheap excuse to revive this thread, I am serious.
GN fail Flag of me being thrashed in many ways.
As well as showing how fail a OCEX Ar Dynames can be.
1st kill was decent

right after that you screwed up

if you see him spawn + still flashing, why would you still engage the enemy with an all melee suit?

don't try to take 2v1 with a full melee suit, and really, dont ignore the other guy.

should have boost down astrea, used yourself as bait and then outmelee jav right after that one (hard to pull off but its a suggestion)

dont flail around and swing randomly even if you are going to hit them eventually

it gives them a chance to cancel and eat you

personally would have used w3 right after that second sp

Second Round

wth were you thinking flailing around on top of them until you hit them? and of all things

why go for the S gundam without incapacitating the kerebos first?

the result, you get ctrl shocked and raped

end of your second life was due to overaggression

you see flashing enemy

you run towards the guy behind flashing enemy


Third Match

should have used melee dash to go down to get to that dynames faster

using your team as bait works and all, but you could have engaged earlier in order to prevent any damage to your teamie at all when you used him to get crits on the ryubi

once again

dont flail around...

@ dnyames

would have kept using w3 instead of just clicking and leaving it to try to close the distance, but thats just me


wtf why stand in an area with no cover

you dont even have guns and cant take it to a shot tanking fight

its 100% pointless
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