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Lazarus will become famous soon enough

Waiting for KLT to patch, and I figured, might as well revisit the land of the dead.

A sixth update!
Contains the songs of the past update (fishing + that one area that I don't remember anything of), as well as two new songs for the prediction/S2 storm update, New Title - 에픽로그[epic log], and New Elias, 06_00 NEW_elias. Naming is copy and pasting, and very convenient.

204_0 wind tale
204_1 아시안랩소디
208_0 별의요람
209_0 star
210_0 별의요람_city
211_0 cave
06_00 NEW_elias
에픽로그[epic log]

Latale 204+.7z

Notes on file names : New Elias is convenient in terms of placement, as normal Elias was moved to ELIAS, so New Elias took over the slot of old Elias. EPICLOG is the same as the title, so I figure I'd keep it as 에픽로그[epic log], since it does both jobs in naming. The numbers of the ripped file, I find it convenient with song ordering.
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