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YES, after hardmode, etc etc. I farmed Eater for money for a little bit since he's the quickest to take down and gives more Demonite than Cthulhu, pre-WoF bosses are nothing lol. Skeletron isn't really that difficult, unless you do no preparation whatsoever and have to fight in a hilly area. Wall of Flesh honestly isn't too hard either, as long as you pay attention to what you're doing. I prepped up on a lot of different types of potions ahead of time and didn't even need it all. Just really water walking+grav, ironskin and maybe regen, depending on your gear.

Yeah I have full Adamantite gear right now, and have been working to improve weapons and accessories, depending on what I'm going to need immediately. Trying to get souls but ugh, drop rate is annoying right now. It's equally annoying trying to cross my jungle biome, because apparently it spawned high enough in the world for wyvern to spawn, so half the time I'm trying to run through, it spawns and harasses me. **** man, I just want to get across the damn jungle, leave me alone |:< I need more light/night souls before I can craft wings anyway, so wyvern is more a hindrance at the moment since I don't need flight souls.

I've seen a good strategy to use with Skeletron Prime is to use Hunter potions to light up its arms and make them easier to see/dodge.

Edit; Never mind, I'm dense. I forgot you can get souls from anything killed in the specific Underground biomes, regardless if it spawned there or not. I can just summon Eater repeatedly underground and farm souls easily, DERP DERP. That only works for Soul of Night though I: Guess I should use Cthulhu for Soul of Light.

Edit2: Apparently it doesn't work for Cthulhu. I'm sad now. Oh well, got my wings.


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