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Originally Posted by Mitchi
With a strong enough Bow, Eye of Cthulu is pretty easy, and a harpoon makes Eater of worlds laughable. Skeletron is still kinda hard to solo though.
I think he's talking about the hard version bosses.

Destroyer is the easiest, just build some platforms and kill the orbs for health. You still need to be somewhat prepared though, have the 400 health and the best stuff you can get without boss drops.

Skeletron Prime is next, have platforms again. Pretty much impossible to melee, you gotta use ranged. Avoid the spinning head, chainsaw, and claws at all cost. Just be constantly moving and try not to get hit.

And then twins. Ranged again. Either make a really long platform and get a lot of movespeed and just run along it while shooting, or abuse the hellstone. You can try multi-platforms, but I think it's just too much of a pain. You can still be hit by touch damage if the eye goes over you, so make sure you get the accessories that help if you're hellstoning. Crystal bullets, and kill the melee eye ASAP.