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Originally Posted by Adamant
The only reason this argument started is because both sides have a different definition of "dead".

The game isn't dead in terms of population. 300 people can keep a game alive if they throw enough money at their characters.

What IS dead, however, is the level of fun that this game used to have. Some people evidently still find fun in running the same myth stage for months on end, blowing up unflinchable mobs (unless you have a high enough secondary stat) in 2 skills simply because they're able to do 1 million damage, which isn't an exaggerated number.

Others, like myself, who quit (for the most part) Lunia quit because every other update was the game being watered down to the point where you could train a monkey to do stages, and then take the gear they obtained in the stage, go to pvp and abuse the hell out of the mechanics that ALLM took too long to fix.

What attracted so many people to Lunia was that its gameplay was majority-skill, with just enough gear to make sure you did more than 1 dmg and didn't get 1-shot. Now, no matter how skilled you are, if you don't have the proper amount of STR and your secondary stat, you're useless to whatever group you're in. And while PvP is in a better place than it used to be, the fixes came too late.

Skill has taken a backseat to gear, and there are games that pull this off much better than Lunia ever will. I'd much rather play those games than this.
I do agree with this person. I was one of the first person who played Lunia when if first came out. I remember how there was so much people running stage 3 "daru" and stage 4 "five headed dragon."
After myth and rb came out... it started to die out till m3 and m4 came out lunia lots of people quitted. People have more rebirth and lvl quicker.. there are character that can and will only solo like "tia and dark eir"

The fact that no one is doing regular stages like 1-6. All the newbies level so slow and have no motivation since theres no 1 to stage with. So lunia just have people leaving and not people joinning. Thats what makes lunia dead.