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Originally Posted by Harlequin
Angry Birds.

Chu Chu Rocket.

That's really all I can think of for iPhone. I use Android, but I know that they share a lot of apps/games, including these two. If you don't have Angry Birds on your phone, then you may as well not even have a phone :v
was chu chu rockets that one game for dreamcast? but...but..but.... i use to have angry birds

Originally Posted by Aimee
The only apps I use daily are Whatsapp (free IM between whatsapp users), BeejiveIM (msn) and Facebook and a free version of -cough-iTorch-cough- coz I'm scared of the dark .-.

I have one folder for games but the only three I really play when I'm bored is Fruit Ninja, DoodleJump and RobotUnicorn (lol)
oh yeah i heard whatsapp is good. my bro and my dad use it. i was suppose to download it to text my friends who are overseas. is robot unicorn the one from adult swim?

Originally Posted by Jitara
Angry Birds, get it!

I also personally like Tiny Wings too, dat little fet bird ;o;

Also Solitaire, but I can sit on that and play for like 40 minutes straight cause I'm weird like that.
i'll try tiny wings. i've see it at the apple store. but i don't remember ever playing it.