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Ferre stood from his seat and pulled a mirror out of nowhere (since Rune apparently didn't have one on hand) to check out the haircut. He was quick to tuck it away into nothingness and smiled, "It looks great, thank you." He reached into his pocket for his wallet and paid Rune whatever amount they negotiated on or whatever sometime along the trip earlier. Something ringed in his pocket after that and he pulled a cellphone out of his pocket. "Hello? Michael? Is there a problem?... Wait, what!?"

"No, I don't know that girl," Larietta replied to Kallistos as she kept her eyes on the pair from where she and Rosie were observing the blind man and not so blind looking woman from afar. "She must be from the monastery that coughed that monkey up."

Ferre went up to the group of humans and practically ordered, "We have to hurry back to Midgard! That desert town we were in is being attacked by the undead this very moment!'


No matter what the demon party did, the undead recovered from their wounds at incredibly fast rates. The sickening sound of bone breaking and mending itself was haunting as flesh grew back to replace what had been destroyed. While they weren't incredibly strong, Drake knew that eventually they would be overwhelmed once they'd been exhausted if things stayed the way they are. Not only that, but one another thing was nagging at him the entire time; These things have an awfully familiar aura... Drake mused as he was jumped by a few undead, yet was quick to throw them off. He drove his fist into the ground and heavily increased the gravity in a small area to literally turn them into zombie pancakes. Yet... They were recovering from that too! Drake frowned upon seeing this and was starting to get a bit annoyed. How the heck do you get them to stay down? Well... At least they didn't have to worry about killing them.


"I see the town in the distance!" Bianca called out as the little town grew in the horizon.

"Hey, Bianca, do you feel that? Those mana signatures..." Michael trailed off.


Meanwhile Maya and Romeo were dealing with undead but in a different part of town. They were having a hard time like the demons but thankfully the undead were relatively weak compared to the other dead monsters they had to face many years ago called Phantasms. However unlike those things these undead were recovering at ridiculous rates!

"Hey," Maya began as she kicked an undead in the face, "If I remember correctly these things have a very similar mana signature to what Bianca saw in Niflheim way back!"

Romeo raised a brow as he looked to the woman, "Really? Akin to the Gods, or...?"

"... Diasee, I think," Maya continued, "I wasn't there myself, but since we're all connected and all I recall Bianca feeling a very powerful mana signature that was like a jumbled mess of Mana waves rather then the normal stable ones most other specimens have. It was also similar to the Gods and Seraphim's signatures, but more so Seraphim."

"Maybe we should ask Lucifer about it later. He'd know more about the topic than we do."

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