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Smile PvP, Dragon Nest VS World of Warcraft

Dragon Nest
Earlier this summer, Dragon Nest won the award for Best PvP at E3 2011. The PvP in this game is fast and furious. With knock down drag out fights for players in battle ground areas Dragon Nest moves very fast. Every player could have a blast with the fights in the arena. Dragon Nest has some great attacks for players to master. The class balance was great too as pitting ranged players against some heavy melee fighters could end either way based on player skill. The PvP fights score up even if you die once you are resurrected to fight again without losing the match. Nexon recently added a bevy of new PvP content in the new "Theater of War" update, giving the game's classic PvP modes a bit of a makeover, while also adding Protect-the-Captain, Free-for-All, and Ladder modes to round out the game's PvP offering.

World of Warcraft
Cataclysm has seen the addition of Rated Battlegrounds, now awarding players Conquest points, which is also awarded for participating in Arena Matches. This is quite frankly in a way trying to pay a little homage to the battleground system of vanilla, giving battlegrounds a whole new purpose and a reason for players to return to playing them. With Rated Battlegrounds also comes a new feature, players may now challenge other guilds to matches. This will allow guilds to have Guild Wars (no reference intended) and solve their differences on the battlefield. This is a huge deal for WoW players and in my personal opinion is a feature that should have been implemented long ago, it feels as though Blizzard is just only finally catching up on a feature that many other MMO's have already polished and released well before Blizzard even passed the idea around the office. The revamp on PvP is great; I have found nothing worth complaining about and am altogether happy with the updates made to an outdated system.

For PvP System, What's your choice? Dragon Nest or WoW?