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Originally Posted by kuyaBaka
Tumblr app is the epitome of not taking notes in class.
Instagram to take fancy pictures and to piss off hipsters.
Fruit Ninja 'cause it's fun.
World of Warcraft Armory (free) is so nifty when it comes to planning out gears and keeping updated on guild stuff.
Alfred is a pretty cool app that helps you figure out where you should go eat, based on your past experiences and likes/dislikes.
Words with Friends. Of course.
I have instagram and tumblr. I don't really use it. Its for when my gf wants to play with my phone. I do use tumblr while i'm on my computer tho. My gf has fruit ninja on her itouch so I usually just play it there. but i suck at it so bad. =[

I'll have to check out Alfred. I can never decide where I want to eat at. Thanks!

Anyone else have suggestions! This could be a great thread for all the iphone users!