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Default [MSoTW] [12/12-18/12] Gundam Kyrios (Missile Container/Tail Unit)


Once again, here we are in another installment of GGFTW's Mobile Suit of the week. I am the one scheduled to write the article this week (supposedly last week) and this time we have an A Rank, or should I say an AS Rank for a change.

Gundam Kyrios (Missile Container)

**This suit is one of my favorites. I get a lot of people saying AS Kyrios is inferior to Magnetic Coating gundam and I prove them otherwise in battle. But overall, this is a retarded argument. MC Gundam and AS Kyrios play differently despite both being scissors. As far as versatility goes though, my vote will always be with my Kyrios. Now if we were to compare GN Archer and AS Kyrios... well, that would be for later I guess.

Now on to the weapon set!

Gundam Kyrios (Mobile Suit mode)

w1 - Standard 4 hit melee for a scissor. Not too fast, not too slow, just average. Cancels nice at 2nd hit but terrible at 1st and 3rd hit.

w2 - Beam Machine gun. Damage is terrible at low OC like all BMGs. Still, this is your main weapon like the previous Kyrios. Pewpew the enemies from behind, and then...

w3 - 3-tube missile launcher, Tail Unit Kyrios' bread and butter. This is what makes this suit great and by all means, strong. Kyrios' w3 fires a barrage of 3 missiles on each hand, and each hit is mostly punishment for anything that doesn't have PS armor. Reloads fast too. The only real problem with this w3 is that it hits mostly at mid-close range unlike the BMG. The suit is also immobile while firing, so it takes a bit of caution when opting for the w3 kill.

w4 - Range spec. Real nice for a Scissor really.

Gundam Kyrios (MA mode, Tail Unit)

w1 - Tail Unit. Fires 8 missiles, immobile while firing. The good part about this is you can shoot from behind cover and the missiles will still hit. Why? Because the missiles shoot upward before homing in to the target. Good for pelting snipers for a surprise takedown.

w4 - Range spec. Isn't that nice?


Defense up - Increases suit defense.
Trans Am (Kyrios) - When the unit's health drops below 60%, the suit's boost speed, movement speed, agility, boost duration, and boost recovery is increased. A very nice skill to have for all that running.

And now for some videos!

General Tips:

AS Kyrios is a scissor, mostly a support suit. Like all scissors, this suit will die if flanked by any rock. So a piece of advice; don't, as in DON'T rush solo unless you're 100% positive you can pull it off or get out alive. AS Kyrios is a very good DPS suit with its BMG, Grenade tubes, and missile tubes. The missiles take too long to reload though, so use it wisely. The BMG and the Grenade tube will mostly suffice when giving cover fire to your team mates. Tag along a competent team mate, unload hell on your opponents and run when it gets sticky. The w3 has a slight splash but the immobility makes it a bit awkward to shoot and splash behind walls. But compared to Arios' W3, this is a real killer. This is a very newbie friendly suit, I assure everyone. Just takes some getting used to.

Final words: The great GN Archer/AS Kyrios argument

I'll be honest with you guys. I have both of these suits and I really won't pick between either of them. They both hit hard, has homings that could shoot from behind buildings, and has range spec. AS Kyrios demolishes its enemies with its w3 while GN Archer has the vastly superior BMG and slightly better homing rockets. Both are infinitely better than Arios by all means. For me, a scissor with both beam and ballistic weapons will always be an okay-tier scissor since that's what they're supposed to be, versatile.

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