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Originally Posted by dotdoty
sorry , any one can help me? .. im recently download the game from there
Elsword U

2011/12/01 V20111201 Elsword 主程式 (約 1.70GB)

so.. what patchs i need to download now? (cuz the game patch its very slow for me x.x)

im very confused, if i need to download the maxpayne patch.. or raichu.. or no one x.x...

PD : i rdy download the maxpayne patch , but the game still patching data023.kom x.x , so i think i miss something..

tnks ,and sorry for my bad english ^^.
I'm really not forcing anyone reading this thread to download my client of Elsword HK since it is only an alternative way of getting the client if you are taking too damn long downloading the one on the main site.

You guys/gals can the download the client on the main site just like the one on top (December 01, 2011 version) but be reminded that some of the links there are manual download patches and the real client (some are by part and i guess an old version)

If you've downloaded my client, be sure to patch it since it is an August 25,2011 version of the game.

(Kindly re-adjust settings of game since it is on all low)

You can patch the game traditionally (run the client and let it download the necessary patches) or download the rar files posted here by some of the players per week (some files are on the Elsword HK Update thread, i highly suggest you try to find for yourself since it is so damn easy to find that thread)

Any problems concerning the client, please post your inquiries here. If you are not confident of your english, a screenshot of your Elsword HK client will be a nice add to your inquiry.

Thank you and have a nice day.

PS: Most of the foreigners playing HK elsword have their IP blocked during weekends but all is smooth during weekdays.

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