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Alright, welp my final sculpture project is well on its way to completion. About ****ing time, too, since it's due on Tuesday. Today, I spent 5-6 hours in the lab, finishing the corkscrew and forming the head of my piece. By the way, for those of you who hadn't figured out what I was making, I can't blame you. It's a Swiss army knife platypus. Made out of wood, plastic, and various metals. I have yet to take a shot of the body yet, but here's where the head is at as of 2 PM today:

Pardon the shaky picture, I was in a bit of a rush. I'm intending to go in either tomorrow or Sunday to grind that down into the shape of a platypus head, which is fairly flat and broad. I would've done it today, but the wood glue was the last thing I did today, so it won't be completely ready to grind until sometime tomorrow.

Some of the work that went in to the head today included cutting and shaping the wood, forming the bill out of a scrap piece of rail (that I had found a month or so back) by cutting part of the rail off, then cutting it in half, and attaching the two sides that had been cut together, and then grinding the welds down so they would be flush with the surface. After that, I fabricated half inch metal tabs out of flatbar, and attached them to the bill. My teacher and I cut slots out of the wood that had been cut down earlier, and fitted the tabs in, and screwed them into place. After that, I grinded out some space in the piece of wood that was fitted above the tabs, because they had angled up a bit when I welded them. That way, all the wood would sit as flush as possible when it was all glued together. There's still a bit of a gap in between some, but I'm going to go in tomorrow with a mallet and smack the shit out of it until its sitting flush, too.

Things still left to do: Grind down welds in all the internal pieces (knife, corkscrew, bottle opener, etc.), shape the head, fabricate the tail, sand all wood surfaces, fit a board (or metal plate, or some undecided object) into the center of the body (to divide objects on either side of the piece), cut slot into the front of the piece to fit the tab for the head onto its own hinge (to give the head some rotation) fit top of the body to the bottom (which already has the hinges and various other pieces installed), apply wood finish and/or paint/primer to all wood surfaces, perform any remaining finishing touches, purchase any materials needed for the display (shouldn't be anything, but could possibly buy some spraypaint).