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One thing he hated about having one of his eyes gouged out, was the fact that his tear ducts still worked. And somehow found a way into his eye socket. He took a deep breath to prevent from shouting. He was in a library, after all. Weighing the bottles in his hands to recall what material had what weight. He opened one bottle of ink, and measured out a small amount from the first bottle. Water filled with metal shavings. The mixture caused a sickening vibration as he mixed them. But that was one, he just had to let it sit, and then he could try it out. With nothing else to do, he opened one of the many books he gathered up, and began to see if any had writing with some weight to it.

The first book he opened, was filled with dust, which he carefully wiped away. Tapping his feet at the fastest speed possible, he tried to pick up some way to read.

"The Fire Salamander is an older styled fire spell, but highly destructive when used by someone adept at controlling flames. I see. You picked up the books with weighty titles," his heart sank. He knew that voice. He knew it very well. Ahrima was right behind him. And he couldn't really do anything. She was the one that could counter him in every way possible.

"You know, Olifen, I didn't like what you did at all. Stealing my materials, running away from the Temple. And you did it all without me. I thought we had a deal."

At this point. He really couldn't do much but laugh nervously.