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Nicole didn't even look up when Kallistos asked her if she wanted to come with him to Asgard. She was playing around with her ice gems. Gems that stored her magic in a physical form for convenience whenever she needed them. Kallistos pondered if he could do something like that, too. Starting to get side tracked, Kallistos shook his head.
"Just because you're a missionary, doesn't mean you can't go to Asgard."
"I know that. It's a pride thing. I don't wanna go anywhere until I find something here. I'll let you go to Asgard, though. You've done enough for me here."
Nicole flashed a silly grin while holding coins in her hands. Kallistos knew she was not going to spend it on anything useful.
"I'll see you later then."


Kallistos snapped out of his short reminiscence. He was still surrounded by a few books laying around on the ground, ones that he picked out of the library a few moments ago. The blurred out chatter from afar began to make more sense as he awoke from his daydream.

Kallistos looked at his books. A couple were on the history of Asgard, something that he wanted to know about, and one on wind magic. Maybe there's magic exclusive to Asgard that Kallistos, who came from Midgard, doesn't know about? He shifted his eyes back up and peeked around. He noticed Rune, Ferre and Larietta talking. At another part of the building, he saw Olifen making a wall out of books. Is he actually reading? He started to question how he could read, when a girl began to approach him.