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As soon as they had gotten into the library, Olifen quickly surrounded himself with book of any kind, sitting away from the others. Mostly because he wanted peace, and he didn't want to see anyone to see him struggle. One of his favorite hobbies, was reading. Though since his eyes had stopped working, he wasn't able to do that anymore. When he lost the ability to read, he basically lost a part of himself. A lump forming in his throat as he was unable to read the text in any of the books. No matter how much the books weighed, the ink that was in them, had to weight that he could use his vibrations to detect.

He had gotten out of that last town, possibly getting away from a land where he had little to no sight, only to be in a land that seemed to spite him. He sat there, and sighed slightly. Making a wall out of all the book he had gathered. Digging into his robe, he pulled out six different small bottles. Six of them ink, the other three a form of liquid he had been experimenting with. If he couldn't read, he would damn well try to write.

In another part of the library, a female dressed very similarly to Olifen was browsing around, looking for a specific book. Anything related to what was going on around her area. Walking around, she felt new vibrations. Dressed like Olifen, she wasn't blind like he was. She was the one who taught him how to see though. And with the group that came in, she could feel something familiar. Olifen. Wasting little time, she started towards his position.