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Originally Posted by Haiko
Well, I said in another thread that I'm translating things from bGC (brazilian GC), so some of them should be inacurrate, Ntreev will probably use other names.

And yes, he's a ninja. In bGC he's a ninja, the translation from the old jGC is ninja.
Otherwise, he's a thief like you said. Actually, that would fit a lot better, since his 4th job (Evan Stripper) wears a katana. Ninjas were the enemies of samurais, so...

Thanks for your help. :3
Yeah i get your point. You seem to spent alot of time on this, Well i knew of the Ninja Lass but i also knew of a rouge and a theif Lass/Las. Were all pretty sure (not 100% though) that it will be Lass rather then Las but the big issue is we do not know of his job. I'm betting on Theif.

Btw: nice work on this thread (I'm sure the NA GC 1st Skill for Lass is Spring Slash, What you can do is go to Kaze'Aze and see what you think it says and put that in there.)