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Default [MSoTW] [05/12-11/12] Nu Gundam HWS

Simply called HWS by the population, and the first SS to join the game.

no notable stats other than an HP worthy of an MA

Mode 1

W1: Shoulder Missile Launcher: Fires 8 homing missiles. No immobility, 2 shots. Flies really far and has a very good homing angle. All 8 missiles landing hurts more than the normal flashlight. You will, and should, spam this thing every time possible. The reload is very fast thanks to reload up.

W2: Mega Rifle(High Output): Fires a KD beam. Need I say more? Its usability greatly increased thanks to its self-immobility being removed. The pre-delay also decreased a bit, making it shoot faster. The reload is fast as always, thanks to reload up. Strong, KD's, thick, very good both defensively and offensively.

W3: Fin Funnels: The weapon that used to be limited to HWS until cherudim came in, except Cherudim was nowhere as usable as HWS was. These funnels are unique in the way that they auto-destroy any homing missile and funnel that comes at you or near you, AND auto targets and attacks nearby foes. If you do merry-go-round around an obstacle with a rock while simply auto-rubbing these funnels at said rock, the rock will run and scream in pain. They do have a maximum number of shots though, seeing a few vanish after fending off a wave of GP03's micro missiles. Reload is, once again, no problem as long as reload up is active. HWS vs HWS? The one who launches its funnels first destroys the funnels of the one who launched later.

Mode 2(purge): mobility up, def down, atk up, sp down.

W1: Hyper Beam Saber: It's a pretty good melee for a paper. 3 fast slashes. However, you will never need to use it, nor should you ever need to use it. When the time comes that you need to use it, that means that the game is decided already.

W2: Mega Rifle(BMG): Fast shooting just got faster. You literally see the rocks melting in front of you, as long as you aim right. It fires a volley of not-so-weak beams, and simply melts anything without I-field. In fact, it can hurt even to I-field, but you got w3 for that. Reloads fast even without reload up. With reload up, you got infinite BMG

W3: Nu Hyper Bazooka: Damn strong bazooka with a wide splash and a rather big cartridge. I can proudly say this is the most powerful bazooka in the whole game, regarding both splash and damage. Its reload is a bit slow though, and needs a bit of ammo management even with reload up. It's still good, and strong.


Reload Up: Basically a welcome asset to any firepower suit, which HWS is. It is the root of HWS's semi-infinite ammunition.

Psycho Frame: Mobility up, funnel buffing, and even booster 2x, which is godly on a paper. It also increases booster recovery by 50%. It makes HWS pretty godly. Paper with rock booster and mobility? Oh gods. Why doesn't any sazabi have this skill even though sazabi has psycho frame cockpit too? There are rumors that there is a dev that hates char.

Beam spec and ranged spec respectively, both of which are very good.

All-attack, nothing else. This is the most efficient way to use HWS's points, and is pretty much the only way to utilize its points. You can try out a bit of variety, but nothing will match the effectiveness of all-attack for HWS.

A moving fortress. It was called shinigami in the early days when it was the only SS. It died a bit as time passed, but was still good. The recent patch made it the shinigami it used to be, and made it one of the most feared suits in the game. In 1v1, it is untouchable. SF? NTD? 00Q? V2AB? Bring it on, at your own risk. Any suit that needs to at the very least partially expose itself to attack is fodder for HWS, and that is just about every other single suit in the game. In normal matches? As long as you hold the line and don't do anything stupid, and your team doesn't do anything stupid, your victory is semi-guaranteed. IT IS UNTOUCHABLE.

Play tips
No, you don't need to. You can do everything and more even in mode 1. The only thing you can't do in mode 1 is melee, which you don't need. You pretty much cannot be approached unless the target has veteran infighter(the reload is so fast that the target can be KD'd as soon as it gets up) or 3~4 foes approach you at once, and the latter can be just about handled with a proper mix of backing off, homings, KD, and obstacles. In the first situation, the charging rock(since only rocks have infighter) would be dead if it started from far, thanks to homing spam, and I know no suit that has both PS and infighter. If the suit was near you if it started its charge, that's a different situation and I'd like to ask how the heck did it get near you in the first place. At any rate, the only reason you need to purge is to use ranged spec so noone else can take the last kill.
-Try this
When a suit, regardless of type, is trying to frantically catch you(if it somehow got near you, utilize funnel jump and homings(jump, switch to w3, jump, switch to another w, switch to funnels again, and repeat, and you can jump every time you switch to funnels). Being a paper, it has a jump booster as long as the normal rock's dash booster(imagine that x2 when psychoframe is activated). I think you know what I'm trying to say by now. In mid-air, spam homings while aiming down, and you will get an easy crit. Funnel jump a bit more if you lose altitude, repeat, and the foe below will be dead before you know it(you shouldn't try this when there are opposing long-ranged suits somewhere else on the field).
-Hold the line
Exactly. Hold the line and just pour out your firepower until all that is MS is dead. Fall back when needed, advance when needed. I don't think I need to give a lecture on how to hold the line.
-This is it?
Yes, for all its might, HWS is a one-trick pony. There isn't much to it. The problem is that the one-trick of this pony is pretty much VERY DIFFICULT to get around. HWS does one thing, is the best at that one thing, and is undefeatable because of that one thing, and that one thing is raining down firepower like hell. I called it a moving fortress previously. And that's what it is, and that's all that's needed to describe it.

PS: my favorite suit
note that i said "suit" as in MS
My susanowo love lies in Mr Bushido
My sazabi love lies in char, which also explains the mr bushido love, which would also explain my sinanju love
but if it comes to MS regardless of pilot, then it is Nu HWS
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