Thread: Is Lunia Dead?
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Originally Posted by Elite
omg i might get 100 mbps internet after christmas!!!!!! 50 mbps isn't enough for me to laxly do a 360 windmill in a 1v1 pvp. hopefully a 100mbps internet if i ever get one will do.

if lunia really did get intense and competitive in pvp, i'd be fretting on how i lived in canada and not the US... i don't even know how i got so decent in pvp in the first place. maybe it's my beautiful brain that has been exposed to so many hours of practice field and pvp has processed and refined those unusable skills in a 1v1 city...... i restrictively got wrecked by OneSound in pvp.. it seemed more like a gentleman 1v1 rather than a guerrilla battle amongst us. GOD

and stop arguing, i can't stop jacking off to these arguments, it's starting to hurt
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Face it Lunia is dead get a reality check please.