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Welcome to the Guild thread of GGftw, this clan is made for people from GGftw only, to apply contact me in-game Tiereny

Please take a moment to review these rules detailed below.

1) You will keep problems with other members in-game, and shan't bring them onto these Forums; this includes but is not limited to: Ego'ing, Flaming, Raging, Cursing, Provoking and being insubordinate.

[1st offence : warning, 2nd offence : Permanent Guild Kick]

2) Advertising links of other games  , Hacks  , Porn sites or whatsoever , is Not allowed :

[1st offence : Permanent Guild kick]

3) - Spam  and disrespecting  members :

[1st offence : 10 days kick , 2nd offence : 30 days kick , 3rd offence : Permanent Guild kick]

4) - Disrespecting or egoing to administrators  :

[1st offence : 10 days kick , 2nd offence : 14 days kick , 3rd offence : 45 days kick , 4th offence : Permanent Guild kick]

5) Spamming of the lobbies and/or channels is not allowed

1st offence : 1 day kick  , 2nd offence : 5 days kick , 3rd offence : 7 days kick  , 4th offence : 40 days kick
Before being inactive please contact one of the Guild staff members.
Either contact us via to forum by Private messaging us or contact us in- game via your mail system!

When not contacting us, you will receive a 7 day kick for inactivity.

Please note that this is a public Guild; that means that everyone can join.

Feel free to leave some comments in this thread!

Thread in progress