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Coincidentially enough both Bianca and Drake were hugged from behind. While the former didn't seem too surprised Drake's face turned a bit red as he greeted her before she let go and pulled up a seat next to them.

"Huh? Where did you get that idea?" Bianca asked her nephew, obviously confused. She looked to Drake, who merely shrugged his shoulders and was just as confused. They continued to talk about all sorts of things, like 'what to order' and the like. Their strange journey had ended on a hasty note, but perhaps for the best like this...? Bianca noted that she needed to speak to Ferre and learn more. More of what knowledge the Gods had been holding back from the archangels, and just what the history was behind Diasee and the Gods of Asgard.


"I could not live with that sort of blame, and we now are on borrowed time... But I am sure you have enough time for sightseeing. This decision will be good for you, dear Ferre -and enough time to beautify your hair." Tiamat giggled.

"Huh?..." Now Ferre just had to know what Serena was doing to his hair. Unfortunately, he had no water or mirror to see if reflection in and... Wait, the small black box showed off a darkened reflect of objects in the dark shining glass or whatever it was. Ferre looked down at little box and squinted his eyes a bit to see if he could make out his own reflection. Much to his shock his entire head of hair had been fully braided which more or less made him look like a joke. The poor Seraphim couldn't even hold back his shock, either, "Wh... Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat!?"

Serena went into a laughing fit as Ferre proceeded to freak out like a spaz.


Somewhere far away, deep beneath the ocean waves of one of the worlds... There lay a girl wrapped around in a membrane of magic. Her long, golden-wavy locks flowed behind her in her enclosed space as she held her legs close to her body. Her fair skin was clothed in a pristine white dress like those women wore in ancient times. The girl opened her eyes slightly, her pale pink iris seemed to shine deep in the darkness.

"This cosmos resonance..." the girl's songbird-like voice echoed all around her, "... The cosmos has been severed... Yet the Gods have also been released... Them and Diasee..."

In a flash, the girl had left the ocean and was now standing on a wooden pillar overlooking one of the many flourishing human villages in Midgard. The long forgotten winds felt cool against her face in her over ten thousand year slumber. She took in a deep breath and sat down on the pillar's top, her elbow resting on her thigh which propped up her head, "Enoch's cosmos signature has become one with the Yggdrasil... Lucem Ferre is awake..." The girl sighed, as she gathered information from the static cosmos waves in the air, "... But will you really be able to withhold the cosmos waves form the Yggdrasil for long before your soul disintegrates, Enoch?... Haha, of course you will... After all, the future says that you will prevail."

In another flash, she was now in an the bustling demon city named 'Chokma'. Below Lucem Ferre was expressing his strong dislike towards his current hair style to Kokabiel. The fact that the two weren't at each other's throats... Much less had made an alliance was another surprising change of events. The girl couldn't help but laugh as Ferre stopped midway through his whining to look to where she was. The girl knew that Lucem Ferre couldn't see her, but she also knew that he could sense her presence.

"Huh? What's with you?" Kokabiel laughed.

"... Sandalphon..." Ferre muttered before he turned back to Kokabiel, "Now fix my hair this instant!"

Ferre... You no longer have your other half with you. Will you really be able to save this world with the descendants of the Nephilim and archangels? The golden haired girl mused as she vanished into nothingness; all that was left in her midst were the echoes of an ancient tale;

Thousands of years ago in the middle of a severe drought...

There was a boy and a packet of seeds that would lead to salvation
As he sowed the seeds in the parched soil
He wished that he could raise the seeds into grand trees
Sharing with them his love and little water

Concluded in Midnight Fantasia.

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