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Originally Posted by Sophonax
does anyone know how much MA i would need to ohko kerbs with ghostly whisper and gravity crush? with and without dark attr. the formula in the wiki doesn't mention about attr being in the formula though so i am not sure. i also noticed that there isn't any information about dark lord skills here so i am sorry if this is a difficult request YwY.
I wish I could give you the exact number, but Gravity Crush needs to be retested. I was trying to test it a while back myself and got some strange results, which is why they were never posted.

Until the results are refined, you may find the following useful:

Gravity Crush, with 244 MA and other stats as shown, does 9,076 non-critical damage minimum. The stronger type of Kerberos doesn't have more than 9,059 HP, so I think you should use 243 MA minimum for now, just to see. They do use Magic Meltdown, so in fact you'd have to go in there with 245 MA (with Mist).


[The odd thing was that, when I used 243 MA and varied my other stats, it did 9,127 non-crit. However, this may be a glitch so it needs retesting.]


My Dark Lord is currently frozen, so I can't test Ghostly Whisper. I might be able to get someone else to do it.

Also, this thread is for elemental AoEs, and Dark Lords only have two, as you know. xD