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[H1]Video Guides
A section for Duelist-related guides that have been recorded by me, as well giving my written tips on beating them. Take in mind that your method as a Duelist might be different from mine (and that's why sharing is caring)!

Chaos Tower Final Boss: Outraged Requiem


2nd run

Okay. This is one hell of a huge boss, and maybe the most difficult one I faced if not careful. (However, I am fine thanks to over-level.) As you can see, I am pretty cautious about using Berserker for the first time, which cost my Resurrection scrolls. Guard, Power-buffs, BERSERKER (melee was a lot more stronger than elemental of physical skills), and a Guardian should help you on this boss, oh and as well carry many HP (more than MP sadly) pots.

Because of my lack of WT, I am stuck using Cheerleader Stella T4 for it's god WT (again for the first time), as well "decent" AP (though not as great as my Splish Splash Yupika T4 pet... All of these pets are from the Egg Shop before they are out of stock).

Finally, my strategy may be differ from yours, especially by level! So if you want a successful Chaos-through, you might want to get Lv. 300+ and invest in the best gears as possible (depends on YOU of course), especially the the Altiverse equips once you completed the Tower story-quests!

Harkon Protection

Probably something that you will not do on your adventures. But if you are planning to go to any Harkon Protection events, make sure you have equips of AP, a bit of HP, and Inferno Set if you can invest and LOTS of Pots! You will be using A LOT of AoE skills, which require a stack of MP pots!

Being a Lv. 3xx+ Duelist is worth it when you are about to face Gorgons! Inferno Blade would be very effective to them with your Fire gears on!

Finally, as usual when getting your Guardian: Have it learn de-buffs first (especially Skunk)!

VS. OLD (Pre-S2) Spicy Dragon

*Plays Yakkety Sax on BG...* This video was taken like two years ago, but it is still a perfect example of my Duelist years!

This is taken before I got my Inferno Set. And a good thing I don't have them on... Why? Because Spicy absorbs all Fire Att.! If you want to beat Spicy, here are a few things: Guardian, AP Helm (replace Inferno Helm), AP/HP cape (replace Inferno cape), and whatever equip you have, which either are AP/HP balance, and a elemental att. weapon (NOT FIRE) to add the damage!

VS. Queen Odniea

I already put out a guide on this video, especially some Duelist/Power related tips, as well what-to-get for your Guadian's skills. But i'll re-phrase it.

To have a safe battle (though you still need pots), have your own buffs on, and have your Guardian equip with magic de-buffs (MA/LK) as well Skunk. Have Tetra Punch and Faint (Shockwave) ready too. Let your Guardian debuff first, and then you can strike with Faint, and then repeat with Tetra until Faint is needed again. BE CAREFUL with Arrow Rush, because this skill can hurt you!

I'm Lv. 35X now, so this strategy might change for me, but this should still be a good reminder for all Duelist of all levels with a Guardian to keep this skills ready in your fingers!

VS. Count Blood

Oh god I forgot that I did a re-make w/ my up-to-date level!

If you are about Lv. 17X and have Guard and at least MAYBE Berserker (not highly recommended unless you have a Anti-Banish scroll), but for Blood, you will need Tetra Punch and other Boxer attacks. AoEs should be at best used on the 3rd Trial with at least a matching attribute to your equips. (And again have the Inferno set if you can invest at Lv. 240+.) Oh and have your Guardian with you, because Skunk debuffs is your best friend. (Having Faint (Shockwave) would be an extra freeze luxury too!)

If you are planning to become a long-term Blood-hunter like me, he will be pretty easy, that it's like cake-walk at the Trials, let alone pretty quick if you have a sprint with you. The max that you can enter is at Lv. 360+. (Help me clarify this!)

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