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IGN: Makina
Class: Multi-Character to_boxer
Level: Pro D
Guild: Magika

[D1] Schoolgirl to Boxer

Thanks to the Season 2 patch, advancing to a Boxer is easy as snatching Don Giuvani's boxers! For the items you need to advance:
  1. Obtain a "Gwoth Badge" (untradable) from Kaboom at Cabala Relics Dungeon 4.
  2. Purchase a "100k Galder Check" from Andrew at Megalopolis Bank for 105,000 Galders.

While you get a new look (you can change your appearance back by paying 50,000 Galders to Louis Bitton at Megalopolis), you will also be rewarded with a Red Cape from Boxer Jeane as a "trial cape" (yes it's timed). I will explain about Capes when I go through the equipment.

Finally... You need to be Lv. 50 and TM 40 (rTO (Thai based private TO client) requires LV 60 and TM 50!) in order to advance!

[D2] Boxer to Duelist

Finally... The reason of why you are reading this guide.... If you are brain-dead, then the major reason why you are reading this is because you want your Bunny to become a Duelist! Though going through the process of getting to 3rd job may require a grocery list (with many credits to Kyzuumi for the list (with minor tweaks for Season 2)...)....
  • You need to Lv. 130 and TM 120.
  • You need 1x Ticket of the Valiant, dropped by Cluricans in Caballa Relics Mine, also dropped by Tenter Lion
  • You need 3x 1 million Galder checks from Andrew in Megalopolis bank
  • You need 1x Special Jade, dropped by Mud Bigfoot in Black Swamp (or Nora Joe @ Sewers), also drill 1x Sacred Water while you're here
  • You need 3x brass, 3x magnetite, 3x magic powder, and 3x glass piece dropped by Brass Knight, Iron Knight, Bone Magician, and Bone Warrior, respectively. (In Season 2, GameRage changed some of the drops assigned to these monsters, mainly Bone Warrior with Glass Piece. I think the drops are average now, but be alert to find some game play time to hunt for these items!)
  • You need 1x Harkon. Pasta from the ggFTW Wiki: "drilled at Techichi Volcano Fields, Tapasco Volcano Fields, Chaos Tower Floors (Battlefields), Gate of Abyss, and Abyss Fields or from complete Blacksmith Marx - Find Ingredients for Precious Jewel and Blacksmith Marx - Silent Lava Mine Collection"... HOWEVER, in my opinion, I would recommend taking some time to go and drill @ Tapcaso Mines for the good amount of EXP/TM with a Poppuri Drill (if lucky from various Poppuri Drilling/Hunting events), while you earn some unessasary gems and NPC them for about 7-9k a pop. (And if lucky and ahve a friend who has done the Mine quest, ask him/her for compounding aid when he/she is free! )



Oh dear god. Well, with Tetra Punch and other Boxer skills in hand, Lvl. 120 giftbox you got from your questing (contains 2 Resurrection Scrolls) , HP/MP pots, AND equips that have AP, HP, and/or Element Attribute, the guide made by Kuzuumi really paid off, as well if lucky to have friends who can lend you a Boss set (like Captain Skull's set), you are probably going to be more lucky than what I have to go through on LadyGaap. ^^; I'll TRY to explain each "Tribunal" bosses and what you should be aware off.... (Again feel free to contirubte anything to make this guide better!)
  1. Flame Month: Easy kill. Tetra all the way.
  2. Siremaid: Easy kill too like above.
  3. Crow: Not that hard either.
  4. Seth: No worries about that unless concern about hairballs (J/K)
  5. Shadow: Be careful with it's "Berserker". A quick timing with Tetra Punch should do a-okay!
  6. Tooth Flower: A bit deadly if not careful with Faint. Again be alert, cast at right timing with Tetra Punch.
  7. Hell Knight: I believe that it's Electro attacks make you stunned, unable to much. However, with much HP and timing, you can aim your Tetra if you are near-by the Hell Knight.
  8. Yeti: Not as threatful as the other previous three. Be alert and Tetra (or Quad) all the way!
  9. Koom: Not as threatful. Same attack tactic as Yeti.
  10. Merman Aku: Be careful with Armor Destructor, and Tetra your way...
  11. Addax: Probably a bit handful with it's defensive buffs, but should be no problem.
  12. Stoor Worm: It carries Wind Blade, so be careful! Tetra your way like usual..
  13. Madame Chiffon: Now this is where you have to be EXTRA careful! She has Berserker... I don't know how I did, but again, be careful, and wait far away until she wears off Berserker. Tetra should give a good quick-kill.
  14. Freyja: Another thret like Chiffon with it's Electro Attack. Stay away when it casts, and if it tempeary drys out, Tetra if can. (At this rate, you might have used your Resurrection Scrolls/Flowers on the Chiffon and Freyja stage...)
  15. Guardian Tink: Not a heavy threat as Chiffon, but be careful with Berserker. Tetra your way as usual.
  16. Leviathan: The final boss... Very heavy in DP and MD, this is where you thank Kyzummi for suggesting Tetra at Lv. 10 ready. (Most Bunnies end up getting Tetra after 3rd job.) With Tetra + Quad, this should be the most intense wrestling match with the sumo-like sea serphant.

After that and turn in all of the remaining items, BAM you are a proud Duelist!


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