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IGN: Makina
Class: Multi-Character to_boxer
Level: Pro D
Guild: Magika

[C1] The Schoolgirl and Boxer Path?

I'll make this nice and short. Because the Duelist's previous class: Boxer and Schoolgirl have a lot of things in common when you are following the Champion guide. Because my experience on my previous classes are messed up in my early Trickster days, I would recommend looking at Kyzuumi's Champion Guide, especially the Schoolgirl and Boxer path. Because seriously, that guide save my Bunny Tail when I face these "certain bosses and obstacles".

(Make sure that once you are a Duelist, you can stop following the Champ guide and go your own ways in terms of skill learning...)

[C2] The Path to a Ranged Fighter...

Fancy title, ne? Well, while this may confuse you, I see "Duelists" (and Buffaloes) as the "Fighter Mages" in Trickster, because they have the access to skills that requires Element Attributes. (For the newcomers: I reference "Fighter Mages" because the Sheep (Soul Master or Witch) had the access to Elemental spells as well, though in a more magical fashion compare to what the Power-type characters using swords.)

For my view-point on these Warrior skills, I sort the "Elemental skills" by "Paths". You get two elements per prerequisite skill: "Piercing Wave" and "Lacerator". This will help you in which set of skills you want to learn first (especially after you decide to learn Berserker first).

Piercing Wave Path
Piercing Wave - A skill that can hit at a farther range, suitable for hitting a single prey far from a cliff! A requirement to get Earthquake and Inferno Blade.
Earthquake Blade - A Earth-Attribute skill that unleases and "earthquake" from your blade at multiple foes around you! If you can save the Galder funds and at Lvl. 270, you can TRY to invest on a Gray Ash Staff, as it carries a very powerful Earth Att. Or you can try to use the Golden Sword, but a Lvl. 30 sword will not last due to the tiny AP, unless you can supply with more AP and HP on the other gears.
Inferno Blade - Another skill from the Piercing Wave path I love. Like Earthquake, it hits multiple enemies around you. While there are little Fire Att. Boss uniques in game, you can try to invest on 4G coupons for the Inferno set, which I recommend aiming for the cape and helmet. Inferno Shield is very optional, depending if you really need the HP on that area. I will explain more once I go and talk about the equipment.
Lighting Strike (Not pictured, sorry!) - Introduced in Season 2, I am able to get it without getting the chance to master it (because the requirements for the cards is HARD!). Pretty much a successor sequel to Inferno Blade, the timing and animation is FAST like a snap of a finger! This skill enhances if you have a Lighting Att. weapon, which the Tenter Spear would come in handy!
Lacerator Path
Lacerator - A AoE linear skill. It may not have the same magic for the Earthquake/Inferno combo, but again, it is a requirement for the following skills below.
Tidal Slash - A Water Att. skills that hit on a straight path "in front of you". While this skill is not on my favorites list, there is the "Ice Heart Sword" you can try to invest on (if you Lvl. 240) that carries a powerful ammount of Water Att.
Tempest Strike - (Okay I recently tested this.) A Air Att. skill that can hit more than one for at the front or back. I think it is not frequently used, at least from what I see it.
Other Notable Skills

Faint - A skill that gets foes freeze for 5 seconds. I recommend this if aiming for GvG (or PvP) and bossing, though don't guarantee the same knock-out effect as the Model and Teacher's skill :Skunk. Must have Shockwave (Lv. 1) (activates when using Shockwave) skill in your 1st class skill set.

Aura of Haste - Not recommended at the early stages, and I wouldn't recommend it to get it right away unless you like to have a DX boost. Must have Hyper Beat (Lv. 10) skill in your 1st class skill set.

Blazing Strike - I do not recommend it unless you already have one of the Elemental paths and Aura of Hate (Lv. 1). It can it multiple foes based on your DX. Pretty fun leisure-time skill (as I also recently tested this and felt likea ninja). :3

Berserker - A very popular skill for every young Bunnies who just got upgraded into a Duelist. It increases the AP (dramatically) for a certain amount of time, but in exchange: You can't control her! (Hence the name!) You can get this skill before or after you mastered one of the Elemental paths, and it only requires Pumping Heart to be Lv. 7!
[C3] Skill Mastery Items

Piercing Wave Path:
  • Piercing Wave: Crow Card x18 (i'm not sure if this has changed)
  • Earthquake Blade: Officer Akto Card x3
  • Inferno Blade: Dancer Isabelle Card x3
  • Lighting Strike: Malefic Matron Card x3 (RARE DROP!!!!)

Lacerator Path
  • Lacerator: Quiem Card x2
  • Tidal Slash: Officer Surapat Card x3
  • Tempest Strike: Cobra Flower Card x4

  • Faint: None
  • Aura of Haste: Squishy Mud x8
  • Blazing Strike: Mingo Toy x24
  • Berserker: Crow Card x3

Here are some screenshots of each skill!


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