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Feeling nostalgic, huh?
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IGN: Makina
Class: Multi-Character to_boxer
Level: Pro D
Guild: Magika

[A1] Introduction and my Duelist History
Welcome to Timer's guide to a Hybrid Bunny! Now you may be wondering: Why I go Duelist? Why not a Champion because of the epic Flaming Fist? Well here's a quick not-so-quick story about my life as LadyGaap (formerly Minits).


[A2] The True Reason
"Wait- How is a Duelist useful and/or powerful?" Well, put it this way... Being a Duelist means that you have the access to AoE skills, AKA the ability to cast a skill that hits multiple targets! This helps with questing, Fiesta, or even bossing! So what if you lost Flaming Fist and all of the Champion skills! Tetra Punch is pretty much the most "powerful" physical skill for a young Bunny. Finally, i'm a female player, so I am used to play (on most games) as a girl.

[A3] What's in store from this guide?
Well, at the moment, this guide was pretty much new when I first wrote that for ggFTW members and lurkers. I will try my best to tell you what kind of skills, tips, and other sheemings for your future Duelist. This was made in inspiration from Kyzuumi's Champion (and many other character) guide(s). Some of the information will be directed to her Champ guide, because the Schoolgirl and Boxer skill table is very top notch for survivability against "certain bosses".

[A4] Keywords to the Duelist
Mind the science.. But just to jolt down the character for the Trickster newbies out there....
  • Bunny: While the Bunny is named "Niea" on her first-person view, she is one of the eight selectable characters when you start Trickster. (And her name doesn't have to Niea...) Started out as a Schoolgirl with boxing gloves, you will expect this character to be the strongest and "newbie friendly" to new players.
  • Schoolgirl: The first class for the Bunny. Cute and cuddly, she can access to the Power-type skills (shared with the Buffalo (AKA Nike)) from Master Louis at the Skill Shrine located @ Megalopolis.
  • Boxer: The second job for the Bunny. Like her title says, she had the access to powerful 1:1 boxing skills, epspecially my favorite: "Tetra Punch". You will NEED that skill (and other prerequisite skills) and a few other handy skills to beat certain bosses...
  • Duelist: The hybrid class for the Bunny. Like I said earlier, this green-knuckled bunny carries the skills from the Warrior's (second job Buffalo) skill tree. Since she lacks the 1:1 skills from her Champion sister, the Duelist is not the best as a "PvP"er. However, "PvM" and bossing is never a problem for her!
  • PvP: "Player VS. Player". Really, the Duelist is not suggested as a PvPer, but if you still want to go and beat the big boys, have "AP" compoundable equip ready! I'll get to that soon...
  • GvG: "Guild VS. Guild". While this may not be important for the guide, The Duelist MAY have a advantage when competing against the enemy guild as long a "Healer" is by at her side. I don't guarentee a successful win with the Duelist, but a contribution to the team makes it all worth it.. Also.. By Celestia please don't take both PvP and GvG seriously.
  • PvM: "Player VS. Monster". (Sometimes players call this "Player VS. Enemy"...), like all charactters made for this game, the Duelist will have no problem facing computer-controlled foes as long she is well geared and face danger on monster fields or boss dungeons... The better the gears, the better that you might be a strong Duelist~!
  • Lolbox: This may not be related to the keywords for a Bunny, BUT if you do not get what "Lolbox" means: It's a mystery box in Myshop that contain equips and a pet. Getting the item you want will take SLIM LUCK, especially when getting the pet!

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