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Default [MSoTW] [28/11-04/12] Sazabi(Megaparticle Cannon)

The actual full name is Sazabi(Abdomen Spread Megaparticle Cannon)
But people here call it SR sazabi, and it is generally called pazabi(as compared to scizabi)
It was updated with(as if it had to be like that) with rocknanju, and is one of the suits that drain players of their points, being the SR it is.

Its stats are fairly rounded out, with one of the TOP hp stats for a MS

Now, for the weapons


W1: Spread Megaparticle Cannon: Fires a spread-beam. Has self-immobility. Not much to say about it except for the fact that it is highly destructive when shot close-up, expecially from the back. Then again, all spread-beams are like that(not the self-immobility bit).
The self-immobility makes it somewhat less versatile, because you can't actively use it while kiting. While this doesn't make it less powerful, it sure does make it less useful, depending on situation.

W2: Beam Shot Rifle: You read it as beam rifle and you write it as beam bazooka. Yes, it is one of those long-ranged weapons that penetrate and has a damned long range. Similar to this is MLRS's w2, NinTenDo's beam magnum, etc. Average reload, Decent ammunition, somewhat poor firing rate(gets better with skill 2 though), this is your main weapon in long-ranged fights, especially when holding the line. Oh, and no self-immobility, thank god.

W3: Funnels: Flies that became very annoying with the funnel patch. 6 funnels, 3 shots each. Shoots fast, and disappears just as fast. Average damage, rather fast reload for a funnel weapon. It is highly useful for cutting down rock HP time to time

Mode 2

W1: Beam Tomahawk: This is THE melee that is invincible. 3 hits is its only flaw. Can hit foes below and over you, has a rather wide left and right reach, not to mention its forward reach. Also, has no melee boost. If you lose in a melee fight with this, then 1. you were unlucky, 2. you just suck. I mean, seriously, it beats 00R, 007, X3, X1(even after buff), sword calamity, rocknanju, all in melee. It's even more unbeatable when skill 2 activates.

W2: Shield Missile: A 5-shot "bazooka" that reloads after all shots are fired, and that reload is rather fast. If you can zook properly, then this is your main mid-close range ranged weapon. Normal damage, normal splash, not much to say about it, but it is gonna be used a lot against I-field and other beam defense suits, whether you can aim or not.

W3: Tomahawk Throw: The usual homing boomerang. Well, not "usual". For one thing, it has a damage that rivals most KD beams. For another thing, its range is rather short for a boomerang. Has slow, like all boomerangs, is ballistic, does hax damage as I mentioned before, 6 second reload. At any rate, the interesting bit is that this is your main ballistic weapon, not the shield missile. The only problem you will ever face with this is overestimating its range and curve angle. But it hurts, hurts like mad, even when it hits a scissors. I, for one, make sure I throw it whenever possible.


Veteran Sniper: Decreases all mid-range weapon damage by 20%
Not exactly too useful. But it does reduce damage of the common scissors beam rifle and general homing missiles, and funnels. Then again, the metagame is dominated by big flashing cannons, so it doesn't help too much.
Okay, it's not that it's useless, but I'd say a different option would've been better, like reload up.

Red Comet Char: Makes you faster, more mobile, and increases booster and booster recovery by 50%
Not exactly too much to say about it. A very good skill. Makes pazabi a paper that is 3x faster, which helps a lot, seeing many papers have problem with mobility.

Ranged spec in mode1, melee spec in mode2

All-attack is always an option
HP-DEF is also available, and has rather good synergy with veteran sniper.
Spec is also possible, just for the heck of shooting the ranged spec
It can also be noted that the current pazabi #1(in korea) is all agi, which is rather unique

I really don't have much to say about this suit. It's got the weapons and firepower, it can use R freely, it's got the skills, the only thing it doesn't have is a way to KD the foe from a distance. The HWS buff made it seem rather weak in comparison, but that doesn't mean it sucks. It is damn versatile, and that is a scary trait on a paper. If you can manage ammo well, and can judge when what weapon would be fit, then pazabi won't fail you, ever, unless it is a 1v4 situation. Another thing to note is that pazabi is more on the "steady" firepower side rather than doing big damage in a short time. In other words, whatever it shoots, each single shot will more or less hurt, but it wont be able to pour out said shots like dumping a bucket of water, so play this suit with patience. Considering you have stuff to hide behind, pazabi will even fare comparably well even against stuff like V2AB

Play Tips
-Hold the line!
As its arsenal implies, it is a paper, and the typical paper, and its role is to provide firepower, regardless of offensive or support. When your team chooses to form a defensive line, then actively participate
-Charge when you see fit
Its melee is beyond hax, and is a shame not to use. when you see a stray enemy within your boost range, regardless of type, just go in and slash away. Slash 3 times, back away or jump, go in and slash 3 times again after it gets back up, repeat. The only things to worry are zeta's charge and all non-flinch suits.
-R timing is important
Pazabi's position varies depending on its mode. Actively view the battlefield, and transform whenever necessary. Of course, if you suck at zooking, then you will have to mainly rely on the beam rifle for mid-range combat too
-Paper with no KD beam
Yes, it has no way to KD the foe other than slashing 3 times. I reckon this is the reason they made its melee hax, so regard the tip above. Basically, when a suit is coming to slash you to bits, normal papers can kd it, back off, repeat. Pazabi can't. You can eithor face it like a man face off in a melee battle, or you can back of slowly while unleashing firepower, hoping to kill it before it reaches you, or until a teammate intervenes.
-It IS 3x faster
Skill 2 makes pazabi very mobile. Don't waste this mobility. And said mobility has a REAL lot of uses, such as ambushing, running to another position, charging, kiting, to name a few. Cloak, dash behind a foe, and fire your spread-beam, and it is epic.
-Pazabi is rather bulky
It is no weakling when it comes to taking hits, so don't be concerned about getting a few hits. Being rather passive will not help you play pazabi. Actively try to hit your foe, close or far. I don't mean just freely roam the battlefield like a madman, what I mean is you can take more punishment than one might think. And a difference in perception can be all there is to winning.
-AAAAAAAAND, the mistake that many noobs make
Its funnels are merely support damage. Don't try to launch them as if your life is hanging on it. Despite their buffing, funnels are still one of those things that are good-if-successful-if-not-oh-well

I pretty much gave up on this factor due to many non-korean residents not being able to load naver videos. And I only use naver, pity.
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