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"Okay... But where is São Paulo anyways?..."

"Huh? You mean..." she started to say, but then realized: the poor guy had been holed up underground for thousands of years now. "Nevermind," she continued, pulling a map out of her bag.

"It's... right here," she said, circling a spot on the map, "In Midgard, and the Yggdrasil lets out over... here."

Anna folded the map around a small gift, a handheld game, with a note that read 'Ask Drake to show you how to use this' and handed it to him, and then she heard, "You are most hospitable, Anna. More so than you let on. It is a wonderful thing, truly, and I thank you for offering this to my friend."

It warmed her heart to hear this, but then as Tiamat continued, "...In time, my son will get over his anger. It may not be my place nor my business to say... but please, be patient with Finir. I have already talked to him about his malice toward you."

"Finir...he had little to no friends while he was a cub. He was dismissed by an impulsive, emotional individual - no traits fit for a soldier of Ploshast. It had gotten to the point where he was completely ignored by his peers, or treated him with contempt. Perhaps...he found something in your or your father's attitude that reminded him so much about his past, and it completely puts him on the defensive. I am not asking you to change; by no means would I ever want you to. But more than anything, my son needs a circle of friends that he may count on, rather than counting on himself. Please, give it time. Help him overcome it...and I promise something extraordinary - as extraordinary as my friendship with Ferre over these many ages - will happen for the both of you. You will not find anyone more loyal to his friends than my son, Finir..."

"We're gonna have to give it time," Anna responded, "I'm not coming back here. Or at least, I'm not planning to."

With a laugh, Anna said, "He's just a bit... sensitive. I grew up with Kai and my dad, so sensitive people aren't something I've ever really had to deal with," she continued, "We both have some growing to do, and that's exactly what I'm intending to do now."

Anna's hair then went black. Black wings sprouted from her back, and a devil tail appeared as well. Her bust increased, and she sighed as a button popped from the top of her dress.

"Dammit... As you can see, I can no longer rely solely on the gifts I was born with to power me through life... Because of how things were handled at Eden, I've lost control of my form, and I'm out of work," she stated, "But I'd rather not get into any of that right now. Obsessing over the past isn't going to make things how they used to be."

On that note, as she turned around to leave, a semi-familiar face strolled up to the group. She sat down by Ferre and started messing with him, and Anna couldn't help but laugh. Sure, they had been enemies before, but now it seemed they were all in the same boat.

She made sure to tell them goodbye, and hopped off the roof of the building to go back and lock up the barber shop. Upon locking the door, she headed toward the Red Papaya, where she figured Drake would be. He's a teenage boy, she thought, and sighed, All they think about is food and girls, and Drake is too slow to think about girls.

Anna opened the door to the restaurant, and sure enough she saw Drake seated in there, with Finir and Bianca in tow as well. She walked up behind the boy and hugged him from behind, pressing her chest into his back while she did it. She then grabbed a chair and joined Bianca in her chatter about nothing in particular.

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