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Next thing Ferre knew he was hugged from behind by Anna- the girl who seemed to like to call him 'Hooch'. While he had no real objections to the nickname he couldn't help but wonder what it's origins were... What is a 'hooch' anyways?

"I'm leaving for São Paulo," Anna said, still holding him, "Come visit me soon, I'll make whatever you want for dinner."

Ferre smiled and replied, "Okay... But where is São Paulo anyways?..." he couldn't help but let out a bit of a sheepish laugh; he was clearly clueless about the worlds' current geography. Well it was to be expected since he'd been down in Eden for over eight thousand years... But it still bothered him. While that had happened, Tiamat flew up to the rooftop and began to speak briefly with Anna, before turning to Ferre and addressing him.

"Well..." Ferre began, "... I thought it would be nice to let you know what I would be up to from now on." The Seraphim looked to the Yggdrasil to the distance, "I will be returning to Midgard to lay Enoch to rest in the town he was born in. I am... Sure he would like that. I think after that I will take a bit of time to see... Just how much has changed since I was last awake..." He looked back to Chokma and laughed, "Which is a lot. Then... Unholy alliances will have to be made."

"Aren't you just adorable, you silly boy, you!" A familiar feminine voice came up from behind the group. Dressed in her usual classy attire and stilettos came Serena Seraphina. Her shining snow-white hair like that of Bianca flowed behind her and her pale green eyes danced with amusement. Without asking any questions and whatnot she sat down next to Ferre and pinched his cheek while doting on him, "Silly silly Lucifer! I saw what you did at the North Pole and I must say I was impressed! You not only kept the seal on the Gods active but you also played another melody in your heart for those mortals! Impressive, impressive!"

"Kokabiel," Ferre didn't seem to be phased by her teasing and cheek pinching, "It wasn't you who commanded those Phantasms, was it?" As he sad this, Serena released his cheek and began braiding his hair. Why? Why not.

"No," she answered, "That was purely Death. Originally we were working together, but then he randomly said 'I feel like trolling everyone' and just left me to do my own thing while I had to try and bust that dumb Makoto out of prison. I think I'll just leave him there in the end, since all he really does is wallow in depression now."

"... When did this happen?" Ferre asked.

"Right after those guys beat up Beelzebub in the core and released the seals on Niflheim."

"..." Ferre took another bite from the muffin and chewed it thoughtfully. He already had a bit of an idea that Death was masquerading as him, but... "What were your plans before his betrayal?"

"Just to mess with everyone... At least, those were mine," Serena giggled, "... I think Death may have just had this planned all along. Him and Fortunata. Tch, I gave her too much free will. Just like you the last thing I wanted was for those Gods to be running free with Diasee... But with the mana in the worlds halted like this..."

"They will not be able to do anything," Ferre interjected, "I myself have been severely weakened by the change in the Yggdrasil. I can no longer conjure any magical effects from my songs."

"Unfortunately," Serena pursed her lips together in childish annoyance, "I've been weakened by this too. I'm sure the other Grigori who were released are as well."

Ferre slowly nodded, then looked to Tiamat with a half braided head of hair, "I am going to try to make alliances with the Grigori. We have all been betrayed by Diasee and before they wanted him slain."

"We Watchers may have had disagreements in the past," Serena smiled wryly, "But I'm sure you will be able to work something out."

"... I hope..." Ferre sighed, "...I hope." Things became silent then, which made the Seraphim feel a bit awkward. He shoved the rest of the muffin into his mouth as Kokabiel continued to 'pretty' up his hair.

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