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Even with ample rest on the ship, Finir was still exhausted upon arrival at the ports. Remembering exactly as his Goddess told him, he stuck close to Drake as any loyal guardian would - at least, until Tiamat herself were ready to go back to Ploshast. The first thing the incubus wanted to do was stop by the Red Papaya to get his grub on. The azure dragon didn't not object to this proposition, and bubbly Bianca would be with them as well.

With food nearly having his total attention, Finir stopped his own chatter for a moment and looked about himself.

Where did Tiamat go?


The lady dragon made sure her leave was discrete and subtle A message from Ferre. She knew he would want to speak with her. She shifted her body through the alleyways until she observed the building a distance off before her, and the Seraphim up top, eating a pastry - a muffin to be exact. She smiled and sighed to herself as if she were infatuated with Ferre. Although this was not the case, she loved this man nonetheless as her eternal friend.

She flew from her position and made her way up to the roof, where the Seraphim waited. As she approached, however, Anna had come up from the fire escape and hugged Ferre from behind, requesting he come visit her in São Paulo, and that she would make whatever he'd like for dinner.

"You are most hospitable, Anna," Tiamat stated with a genuine smile, "More so than you let on. It is a wonderful thing, truly, and I thank you for offering this to my friend."

The dragon goddess seemed, instantly, to look slightly nervous as she changed the subject.

"...In time, my son will get over his anger," she began "It may not be my place nor my business to say..." -she gave an apologetic nod- "...but please, be patient with Finir. I have already talked to him about his malice toward you." She paused for a moment.

"Finir...he had little to no friends while he was a cub. He was dismissed by an impulsive, emotional individual - no traits fit for a soldier of Ploshast. It had gotten to the point where he was completely ignored by his peers, or treated him with contempt. Perhaps...he found something in your or your father's attitude that reminded him so much about his past, and it completely puts him on the defensive." Queen Tiamat shook her head. "I am not asking you to change; by no means would I ever want you to. But more than anything, my son needs a circle of friends that he may count on, rather than counting on himself. Please, give it time. Help him overcome it...and I promise something extraordinary - as extraordinary as my friendship with Ferre over these many ages - will happen for the both of you. You will not find anyone more loyal to his friends than my son, Finir..."

She had finally turned to the original person she came to see - the Seraphim.

"Now, Ferre," she inquired, "is there something you wish to speak to me about, my friend...?"

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