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Originally Posted by Saibak
Thatīs too bad if all quests have a sucky ending.

Also whatīs up with the superhorse Shadowmere? I ignored the horse for a while but after seeing it tanking (and killing) a dragon all alone, something must be broken. First time ever I felt inferior to my mount
But the problem was solved shortly after the dragon-kill: While getting off from Shadowmere, a physics bug launched him really high into the air, and all I could do was to watch him plummeting into the next river, where he died from falling damage. Really a weird game ...
Any horse you get is like that. Dogs too. First thing a random dragon fights tends to always be my dog and horse because they just run after the mofo. They don't die but it takes way too long for them to kill the dragon compared to just whacking it 10 or so times.