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Tiamat immediately summoned a wall of light, pushing Ferre back in front of her. She reinforced the large barrier surrounding Enoch for good measure. Turning to Ferre, she allowed her staff to spark up that familiar yellowish white light.

"...Did you not listen to me earlier?" Tiamat said in a chastising manner, but with great concern. "Enoch has made his decision. As his friend, I will respect and honor it. You must do the same, Ferre, for he knows the full spectrum of consequences of his actions. He tasked me to make sure you do not stop him,"

A flock of golden butterflies appeared once more out of the pool of bleeding, wounded water, gathering around the Dragon Goddess for her protection.

"...And I will not allow anyone beyond this point. Believe me when I say this, Ferre; I abhor this course of action he takes as much as you do. But there is no other solution. There is no other way to destroy Diasee. We may be able to defeat him, but he will surely come back every time!"

Tiamat grabbed hold of Ferre and embraced him closely, tightly, allowing her waters to flow from her sockets once again.

"As the saviors of these worlds," she whispered in his ear, "We must make sure that threat never has a chance to come back, Ferre. We are the preservers of Life. It is not about us. It is for them; for these children that have gathered here presently and fought for this - risked their lives for this as we have done millennia ago! For the people in these worlds that have lived, are living, and will live!"

"Please, Ferre," Tiamat pleaded, holding onto his cheeks as she looked him square in the eyes with watering orbs. The words were bitter within her maw, as she struggled to keep her composure, "I would have sought an alternative to this if it were possible...But...but there is none...You...must a friend of Enoch, you must!"

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