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As Ferre approached, Tiamat appeared with a flash in his path, her eyes closed with a reluctant certainty of this plan. She hated it. Perhaps as much as Ferre, or even more so, but that didn't change the fact that Diasee himself was indestructible as long as this flux of mana persisted. But that would also mean she would be weakened as well, or even reverted back to her mortality, resuming from where it first ended as if nothing had happened all those millennia.
If this was the case, then she had to give her loyal subject a gift that will awaken his true ability...and not just within his right fist.

But first thing was first: she had to do what she could, as a friend, with no outside interference from anyone else but Ferre. If she can't hold him alone, she would call on Finir. She knew she would be able to count on his loyalty more than anything.

But she would expect nothing less from a Dragonkin, especially one as himself, whom she looked over throughout his life. After all, he is her...

"...Please, Ferre, halt." The Dragon Goddess said, only half opening her eyes. She couldn't bare to look him in the face at the moment, her gaze fixated on his chest. Slight tears already formed down the ridges of her cheek. "Enoch has made a decision," she continued, "...and I will not let you stop him. I'm sorry, my dearest friend...Please, forgive us..."


Finir was preoccupied with preparation for the deceased before noticing another incantation song coming from the direction of the Yggdrasil. The only one who stirred most from this was Ferre, who had a frantic look upon his expression. First, he paced with concern, then went into a trot, and next was full on sprinting toward the great Yggdrasil. Standing straight up, the azure dragon looked to see Queen Tiamat standing in the bloodied waters among the roots at Enoch's back...and a light barrier...?

"Ferre...?" Finir questioned, "What's...going on?" The Seraphim was already too far to hear him as he neared Tiamat and Enoch...

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