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"Thanks..." Enoch said with lament as Tiamat embraced him, sincerely happy that the dragon goddess would still support him and Ferre even after thousands of years. "... Now without further ado... I must begin..." They parted and Enoch looked up to Tiamat with his familiar toothy grin and sunset eyes, "If you see that dork Ferre running, feel free to tackle him or something. This song can't be interrupted no matter what... Or else it just might cause an even bigger problem!"

Enoch took a few steps back before finally uttering, "... Now I will begin my sublimation."


Ferre listened intently to what Leht had to say about his death. Once the human finished, Ferre rubbed his chin in thought and finally said, "... Hm... Okay. I think I have a good idea of where you came from, Mr. Therthar. Let me cast the spell on you and..." Ferre raised his right hand and made his palm face Leht. He began to mutter something under his breath as mana clusters began to gather around Leht... However, his spell was cut off when his attention was grabbed when he heard a familiar singing voice like velvet broke the near silence of Eden:

Fåyvra savath låsi lå fåsidolå yæel låsi lå dodore re gyengyat lå fådore
Lå fåsi fårelålå fhyu Diasæ doladofå frreie fåyra låsi sisisolmi
Re milådomi få sifåsisol çhsæ få sæhruinieæ—

"Enoch?" Ferre looked to where the Yggdrasil, yet quickly looked back at Leht, "Uh... I will finish this in a few moments. Let me just go see what's happening." With that Ferre ran off to where the singing was coming from.


The clusters of mana that floated up to the surface came to a slow stop and began to float back down to where the Yggdrasil's roots lay. Emotions began to flow into the hearts of those who heard the lyrics; desperation, sorrow, yet also hope.

Truely, I'm terrified of the Melodies of Destruction that echo throughout the world
And I am terrified of the growing laments of mankind that pierce the core of the worlds

O Sacred power, O sublime Heavens...
I will sacrifice myself for these worlds
So that this wish of mine may reach the hearts of mortals
And may grant me one last miracle

A wish of preservation
To save these many ephemeral lives

Please, O Yggdrasil...
The tree I struggled so hard to make grow in the distant past
I shall turn my soul into you, and the heart of the land
So as to support thee for the calamities to come

"W... What?" Ferre barely gasped as the lyrics were sung. He couldn't believe what he was hearing; Enoch was going to transfer his soul to the Yggdrasil. But why? What would he accomplish? Regardless of what it was the very act could destroy his soul and even cause the Yggdrasil to mutate. Ferre wouldn't have it, he first started in a quick stride, which broke out into a run. He was slowed a bit by the bloodied water that went up to his ankles, but he didn't intend on stopping any time soon. "Enoch! Stop this song now!" He ordered as he advanced onwards.


Drake blinked and stopped stuffing his face for a moment, "A song?..."

Ludo went over to the boy and greeted him with a wave before saying, "Seems like we'll be graced by more of the Seraphim's song magic."

"Yeah but... This song is really..."


"Well... Yeah... It seems so desperate, too..." Drake murmured.

Ludo nodded, "Indeed."

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