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Daeku is just really niceDaeku is just really niceDaeku is just really niceDaeku is just really niceDaeku is just really nice
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Originally Posted by Calin
Ign:CALINSIREN (HAHA. i like how caps like to scream.)

Reason for being away: many.1. i think i have problems (please pray for me, that i am not sick, cus im really feeling pains and aches in a certain part of my body, which i do not really know the english word of.) which is why, i need to have enough sleep--which, school messes up so much already, 2. [thesis, lumps of school submissions before christmas break. our school starts June, ends March... so u get the picture, lol] 3. i kind of have to focus a lot in school, TO GRADUATE! YES [my last year in school= more pressure to finish] hehe, i hope u understand 4. Im gonna open from time to time, once a week to a few times a month 5. dont worry!!!! i promise to help out whenever i can get on, and i'll try to stay long and PLAY A LOT AND CATCH UP WITH U GUYS AND DO QUESTS AND LEVEL UP.

DON'T WORRY PEOPLE, IM NOT RETIRING FROM TO. just gonna do some other stuff and i will be back for you my dear loves :') i'll be missing you guys even more. T.T

Nawww hope u get better, and good luck in school <3