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Originally Posted by Adun
What are you talking about? This game is awesome. Just... probably not for you.
Nooope, I loved Oblivion to bits, and I eat up almost any RPG. The quest lines just aren't anything special.

Originally Posted by Light
I do have one question though:
When I disenchant an item like "5 frost damage per hit" and I get a better enchanted item like 10; I can't replace the 5 because I already learned that particular enchantment from the weaker item.

When I intend to enchant a weapon will it always be 5 frost damage? or is the value based on something else?
I haven't bothered with enchantment when I saw this, which is a pity since I'm smithing some really good gear without any enchantments to make them better.

I'd love some clarification on that system since it's the only thing holding me back from wanting to continue further in harder dungeons.
The strength of your enchant is based on the soul you use and your enchant skill.