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Default Ah, but you see......

Aisha has good skills!

This is my build as level 40.

I believe some explaining is in order...

The extra chain fireball level is filler.

all passives are a necessity

Gust screw is for gust storm, which, while it has tricky aiming, is very good in PvP.

Mana shield......duh.

Meditation.....another duh.

Magic Adrenaline.....I have two sets, one more offensive, one more defensive. This is for offensive set.
level 4 for level 40 since you are somewhat limited.

Infinite Energy is a given, it's 100 more MP.

Blizzard shower is for bosses, of course.

Elements.....another good passive.

and Cyclone is my primary damage skill, for both PvE and PvP

this build is if you have A slot, which Is why I didn't waste my time with several party buffs.


A: Flame Circle
S: Cyclone
D: Mana Shield
C: Meditation


A: Flame Circle
S: Teleport
D: Cyclone
C: Meditation

I don't have noted tele or Mana Shield
I don't spam
I'm B-C rank.

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