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Tiamat shuddered at the plan laid forth by the Seraphim Enoch. The worst part of it was that every word he spoke was right, but this was the resort she wished never to take. It reminded her too much of that turning point in history; when she met that golden girl in the desert town, along with Enoch, Ferre, and the others that were involved in their previous lives of mortality. It reminded her of that region of the world. There was a drought then. Those Enoch spoke of presently would be on a much greater scale.

"...I truly hate to admit," she began, her voice shaking with a passionate concern, "that you are right, Enoch. I see no other option at this point. We may be able to defeat Diasee, indeed, with our strengths combined. But that would not mean he would be destroyed...And he will keep coming back again and again."

"I wish," the Queen said, crestfallen, "there was...someway to preserve your memory, my dear friend." Tiamat drew close to Enoch and embraced him in a motherly fashion. After what seemed an eternity of separation from her friends, it had already come to this - all suddenly cut short.

"I will do what I must," she sobbed, "to see your plan accomplished, Enoch..."

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