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IGN: Nasu Kha
Class: Carpenter lt_knight
Level: 60
Guild: Rapscallions
Xfire: glarbage

RP: Midnight Fantasia

Name: Rune
Age: ?? (goddamn old)
Gender: Male
Race: Cthulhi
Occupation: part-time barber, part-time odd-job hero
Height: 5'11" (humanoid) 9'5" (true form)
Weight: Well over 500 lbs.
Eyes: Amber, with light-blue sunburst (humanoid form), green-brown (true form)
Hair: Mid-short brown hair, brushed back away from the face (humanoid form), No hair (true form)

Appearance: After running a business with Cthulhu for a number of years, Rune has started to dress for success. He can be frequently spotted wearing dress shirts, dress pants, black leather dress shoes, and ties of varying colors. He never tucks the shirts in, however. One can typically tell the time of day by his tie: the later in the day it gets, the looser his tie gets. At the end of the day, the tie is mostly off, with the top two buttons of his shirt undone.

Personality/Character: A very relaxed, fun-loving individual. After many millennia of servitude under the elder god Cthulhu, all Rune wants is a peaceful life amongst his friends. Really likes to joke, and has a sarcastic (slightly sick, sometimes dark) sense of humor. He's very blunt with people, but he's calmed down a bit since we last saw him. Hates wearing hats, because he can feel them rubbing on every tentacle.

History: After being pulled into an alternate dimension by Dread Cthulhu, Rune actually spent some time with his former boss at a spa. The two got to know each other again, and went into business together, first back at the barbershop in Chokma. Eventually the two went into what Rune calls a "wandering merchant thing", but it can really be considered import/export.

Special Abilities and Magic: Ability to transform. Unable to die of old age or sickness, the only way Rune can truly die is if a mortal wound is inflicted on him. Rune also has telepathy (described in the Cthulhu Mythos as "psychic emanations"). He has incredible physical strength. He tends to say that he doesn't know any magic other than basic water magic, but that could just be a lie to get people off of his back. He is an ancient, after all. Since the battle with Fortunata, he's trained and increased his physical ability, and now he can dual wield his large swords while still in human form, although it's still substantially more efficient in his true form. He hasn't done much battle training since he was taken to an alternate dimension, but all the lifting he's had to do has strengthened his core and endurance.

Equipment: Now that Anna has his bag, Rune has switched to what he calls a "satchel". In reality, it's a man purse, and he keeps god knows what in there. Additionally, he's gone back to carrying his barbershop razer on his person, along with a pair of scissors as well. There's no reason to not earn a bit of extra cash where he can, right?