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Originally Posted by PKShota
SA already sucked since it got nerfed and it's forward dash cancel effect got removed, so I can't continue my favorite combos from that anymore. The only damaging skills I have are Flying Fang, SA singly without any extra combos, and SCA from the backside. I also had Fairy Flame but I rarely used it now that it's change didn't appeal so much. And there's Silp's Fang, but I stopped using it oftenly after SA nerf. SCA was a major damage dealer from the back, it was a bit more better than SA, now it's nerfed. Now all I have is Flying Fang, which is only about 400-800 HP, and the ulti skill. I don't OP everything like 95% of the current powerminded players, so you can't really expect much from me.
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