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Default [MSoTW] [020/11-27/11] Gabthley

(couldn't find a nice one, so I resorted to Gunpla box art.)

Stats are here:
SDOL database

This unit can be either capped from capsule no.24/Custom cap or mixed with a plan.

Part 1: Introduction
Now, I am a titans fan, and this was a suit that came from the titans.
I tried playing with it, and was amazed at how this suit was ignored, seeing how solid it's moveset was. This suit is a support stunner, that has knockdown beams for saving a teammate. Truly a standard paper.

Part 2: Weapons
MS mode
Wep 1 (Beam saber) : A 3 hit melee that has no vertical range, but is fast for a paper. The canceling of it's melee is awkward though.

Wep 2 (Beam rifle low output) : A weaker than average beam rifle that has a damage multiplier of 950, being weaker than a average C rank beam rifle of 1000. It's main use is as a follow up shot after a stun, or a poke shot from behind cover.

Wep 3(Beam rifle high output) : The main damage dealer of this suit, as well as having a stun ailment makes this a deadly weapon, having a damage multiplier of 1500. A good thing to note is that this weapon makes you stay still when you shoot it, so it is useful to keep yourself out of a rocks melee reach when you shoot it in the air.
Melee SP: Good for saving yourself from being meleed. Even more when combined with skill 2.

MA mode
Wep 1 (Mega particle cannons) : The only weapon in MA mode, as well it's strongest weapon, at a damage multiplier of 990x2= 1980. It is long ranged, can be used as a sniper weapon and has decent reload. Very good for early match hits and also as a weapon to stall for time.
Beam SP: useful combined with the mobility of the MA mode, making it slightly easier to hit with it.

Part 3: Skills
Skill 1: Defense up, always a nice skill to have. For this suit, it helps you survive longer meaning more stun shots for you.
Skill 2: Special awakening, this is a awkward skill to have, seeing as this suit does not have a range SP that can catch multiple enemies, but it's beam SP can. Still, this suit manages fine without skills so this is more of a bonus.
Synergy between skills: As bad as any skills can have. A combination of latent potential and special awakening would have been a better choice, but we have no say in this....

Part 4: Customization
Mainly 3 stat builds I recommend.
Full attack: It maximizes damage potential in exchange for mobility and better response timings. Recommended only for veterans who have grown accustomed to it's less than ideal movements.

C AGI/ OC Attack: Makes the firing of it's beam rifle (both) smoother, as well as slightly fixing its horrendous transform speed.

C Speed/ OC Attack: Stat build for hit and run tactics, also to keep up better with rush teams. Not so useful since this unit has enough speed in MA mode ( you just need to be able to switch modes fast enough).

Part 5: Strategies
So the big question is, how do I use this suit effectively?
This unit can be played in two methods, one being the standard support stun suit. Which is following one of your team rushers and stunning whatever they are targeting, so it makes their life easier. Also using the KD beam to stop whatever is trying to melee them (if they have veteran infighter skill, use melee instead). The weakness to this strategy is, despite having good offensive power, you yourself are always not supported by anybody and is vulnerable to sneak attacks and your team will never ever save you, being the unable to see behind them. (Technically they can, but nobody ever does it)
With this play style, using beam SP is very ideal for saving your allies as well as giving them a open target.

The second method is a more aggressive method, being the hit and run style.
This is harder to execute, and relies heavily on you being able to use the map's layout to your advantage and sneaking up behind you enemies for critical hits and also having the advantage of killing enemies faster.
Sounds ideal in theory, but not easy to execute as you will play like a lone wolf, meaning you have to fend for yourself if you screw up and no one can help you. Basic knowledge of SS is necessary for boost control and countering rocks. Main thing to note with this tactic is to never stay in the same spot for a long time, and always run from cover to cover. Stay as much out of sight as you can, and surprise enemies by attacking them from the back. Using melee SP is preferred as it does more damage, and you will remain in MS mode most of the time as the stun guns are your main damage dealer.

No videos this time, sorry.
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