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"Why don't you get back in the kitchen already, Darling?"

"You should know by now," Parvati growled, "That the only way you'll ever get me in the kitchen is if you're baking in the oven."

"Oh, and you're going to use four arms now?" she continued, "You should know by our history that this isn't going to end your way anyway."

Overcome with anger, Parvati began to sprout additional arms herself. One, then two, and so on... Until she reached a total of eight arms, the form of Durga. Each of the unarmed arms reached back into the bag, and pulled out a weapon. Parvati laughed at the various historical weapons that Rune had managed to collect, and was actually fairly surprised at a rapier that he had crafted himself.

"Hey! Parvati! That there is my sword, Joyeuse! How in the world did Rune get that!?... Actually... Never mind, I already know."

"You guys should really quit storing legendary weapons inside of cereal boxes," Parvati laughed.

She took a stance, and then leaped back into combat, slicing Shiva in a number of places, and successfully cutting off his arms. While in the midst of slicing and dicing, Parvati also managed to drive King Arthur's dagger, Carnwennan, into Shiva's chest. She dragged the blade first down, then up, effectively splitting the god's torso into two.

As Shiva fell into the water, Parvati made a small cut in her left hand, whispered an incantation into the blood pooling in her palm, and let it drip onto the unconscious Shiva's body. Within moments, the god vanished in a cloud of dust, and in his place was a trident. Parvati quickly put away all of the weapons she had drawn except for Durandal, and with a smirk on her face, picked up the trident.

After putting the trident into her bag, Parvati began to transform once again. This time, however, her hair was turning white, and her skin had tanned again. She changed from a white saree to pajamas... It seemed that she had given control back to Anna.

Anna seemed to have regained control just in time to hear: "Buy me some time so I can summon something. Most of my abilities are restored now... So this should be no problem!"

"Ha," she laughed, "There's no such thing as a break with you people, is there?"

She whispered an incantation into Durandal, and the blade started to glow a bright white. Surveying her surroundings, she noted that Death stood in the water, much like the rest of them. Anna decided to use this to her advantage, and sprinted as quickly as she could toward Death. As the ravens started darting at her, she proceeded to slide feet forward, as if Death was home plate!

As she got close enough, Anna took advantage of her momentum to launch herself up high into the air. She managed to do a full flip, adding more momentum to the blade which she was swinging right towards Death's left shoulder!