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From his crouching position, Finir lept into action!

Or rather dove! The Dragonkin was completely out of sight as he shifted through the waters, the Gods pursuing him now at a loss. The waters below seemed to rumble for a moment below their feet - or body.

And then...


A giant geyser from below launched his assailants into the air with scalding burns! And the ever shifting Dragonkin continued to do as such across the parts of the battlefield covered in water. Each geyser was like an explosion of a furious brine, damaging the foes he thought best to attack who needed the most support. Whatever was out of reach and airborne, he shot three or five ice sharps to knock down the avians. Each ice shard seemed to explode on impact, causing damage to clustered foes.

"C'mon," Finir taunted, his voice echoing from the depths, "Watcha got, huh?!"

He saw from below that Death had to call in a little aerial support: a flock of ravens began to animate from his shadow, and were headed to his comrades.

"Quoth the raven, 'Nevermore!'" Finir began to shoot hot jets of water right at the bloody peckers in a 4-burst attack so his position may be all the more harder to pinpoint, until most of them were shot down.

And that's when he turned his attention to Frigga. That deceptive little c*nt, her healing powers that once served as the soothing air was like a smog that choked his conscience into irritation. From below, Finir shot himself into a huge shockwave of water making a b-line for the former ally. Once he was a few yards away, Finir animated from the water into a lunge, giving out a ringing roar in an anger he so wished to share with her intestines. Claws and fangs at the ready, he flew toward her, eager to tear her apart...

OOC: Aim for the butterfly pendant, Dani!

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