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OOC: lol I laughed at Finir

"...Perhaps Kai rubbed off on me a little too well..."

"I'll say! It was almost as if I was listening to Kai rant now!" Ludo laughed, "Well at least you didn't break out into a rap."

"Oh dear..." Bianca said worriedly.

"Sounds rough," Drake shook his head.

Frigga and Odin exchanged looks as Death was still laughing hysterically. Death seemed to have gotten a huge kick out of Finir's monologue! He even reached under his hood to wipe away a possible tear from laughing far too much! "Haha! You're hilarious! Destroy the world for a new paradise? As if! I'm just doing this for kicks!"

"That just makes you even more of an *******," Drake said simply before his attention was diverted by Anna's transformation. The teen's eyes widened as she didn't even hesitate to go and cut down the God known as 'Shiva'.

Shiva quickly fell back but his wounds seemed to regenerate nearly instantaneously. The god then smirked smugly as an extra pair of arms appeared on his body. He readied himself in a battle stance as more Gods erupted from the earth itself and merely stated, "Why don't you get back in the kitchen already, Darling?"

Lucifer saw this however and pointed out, "Hey! Parvati! That there is my sword, Joyeuse! How in the world did Rune get that!?... Actually... Never mind, I already know." The seraphim sighed before quickly evading an incoming blow from a large, muscular man with hair like fire and a grand hammer. "Hey Thor! What could have possibly happened to your real hammer?!

"That ass hole Rune took it!" Thor huffed as he swung at Lucifer who evaded once more, "That hooligan is always taking our weapons! Now stay still you rat with wings!"

Enoch was still with the party though on his hands and knees, his now drenched hair covering his face and his robes heavy with water, "Why... Why would you want Diasee released?..." he questioned, the despair evident in his tone of voice.

"We're tired of putting up with mortals," Odin merely stated, "Tiring job and only causes headaches."

"But you haven't dealt with any mortals for thousands of years!" Enoch cried.

Frigga huffed, "It doesn't matter in the end anyway. Diasee is awakening and it will wipe you all from existence. Even after you, Enoch, worked so hard to get the Yggdrasil to sprout..." She said almost sarcastically, each word dripping with venom.

Enoch clenched his fists in the water, "... Besides Tamar... You Gods are all the same!"

Fragments of the false skies fell all around the group, causing both debris and water to go flying all around. Gods began to close in on the party and even on Lucifer, who already had his hands full with Thor and two more Gods who joined the muscular man.

"Ignoring the countless lives of the Humans, Angels, and Nephilim..." Enoch whimpered as Odin approached the child as a mighty spear manifested in his hands. He raised it over the child, ready to bring it down--

That was until a huge burst of mana blew whatever Gods were near away. The Gods were quick to stand their ground again, as was Death. However what now stood in their way was the second of the seraphim; The boy was now a man who although quite identical to Kai when he was alive was more youthful in appearance. His silver locks were mostly kept in his pulled up hood yet those that framed his face reached to his chest and turned to black at the ends. His bangs were long like Kai's had been but were also tipped with black and seemed a tad... feathery in appearance? Enoch was darbed in robes similar to those he had earlier, but obviously made for a mature adult. On his back were three pairs of wings; grand and blessed with snow white unearthly plumes. What floated over his head was a shining halo, much like Lucifer's.

"Don't **** with me," he nearly commanded as his golden sunset eyes seemed to pierce right through each of the forms of the bewildered gods. He looked over his shoulder at the party and asked, "Bianca... The rusted blade, pass it to me."

"R-right!" Bianca reached for the sword strapped over her back and tossed it to Enoch, who caught it by the hilt. The blade immediately began to shine brightly and separated into two balls of light. Enoch tossed one at Lucifer who was outnumbered but seemed to be handling things okay, "Ferre! Catch!"

Lucifer saw the shining ball of light soar over to where he was and back flipped way from the crowd of bloodthirsty Gods. He caught the ball in his right hand and it instantly became a large, ominous scythe like that of Sin's. Lucifer didn't hesitate to firmly plant one foot in the soil of Eden and use the other to propel him forwards to cleave the Gods in one swipe. They were already regenerating though, which Lucifer used the opportunity to quickly voice a spell:

Oh thundering heavens, resound!
Winds gather before me and transform into mighty blades!
And let these glacial spears piece thine enemies!

As the spell resounded, mighty spears of ice enhanced by lightning rained down on the Gods he faced with great speed thanks to incoming whirlwinds. However the more that went down the more that came to replace the fallen who were slowly regenerating. It didn't help that Frigga was using her healing magic to support her fallen allies in this chaos which made Lucifer curse under his breath. His weapon changed into two scimitars and once more he charged into battle.

Enoch on the other hand changed his ball of light into two revolvers very much like the ones Kai had when he was alive. However before firing any rounds, he quickly voiced his own spell:

Raging flames of the deepest pits of Hell
Furious waves of the disturbed oceans-
Resound with the roars of the earth and destroy my foes!

The water that was released from the unsealing of the Gods rose and encased many of them with high pressure vacuums to the point that one could hear their bones break from within! Flames then ignited seemingly out of nowhere as jagged spears of earth accompanied the flames in a horrendous catastrophe of blood and gore. He then flew high up into the air and made bullets rain down over the gods. Each bullet exploded on contact from a variety of elemental attributes; fire, water, earth, even light!

Death and Odin approached the party, both with their weapons in hand.

"I must commend you for coming this far," Odin rested his spear on his right shoulder.

"Now you die here!" Death raised his own scythe as the inky darkness wrapped around him.

"Buy me some time so I can summon something," Ludo told the group, "Most of my abilities are restored now... So this should be no problem!"

Bianca called forth Longnius and nodded, "Right!" She took the initiative and was quick to fire off two tendrils of lightning at the two opponents, before lunging at Odin with spear in hand, thrusting the weapon as it pulsed with electricity.

Death took the shock yet didn't seem way too phased by it. Ravens of darkness shot out from his shadow and were sent flying towards the party like deadly throwing knives.

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