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All of had happened so quickly that Finir was completely speechless. The one he allowed to be his guiding light had at an instant snuffed out the false light of her soul. That atmosphere of serenity Frigga held when he was in her presence was dissipated, giving way to a malice that infected the air.

Even from his choking, the azure dragon stood his ground not out of endurance, but from sheer anger, and a great feeling of betrayal...

But then...Finir started to chuckle, then went into a snicker, and finally into a full blown laugh!

"You guys...are pathetically hilarious!" the Dragonkin mustered to say between his uncontrollable humor. "Don't these guys sound like the typical comic book villain? 'I'm Frigga!'" Finir began to mock, "'and I'm the deceptive little b**ch that gains the good guys' trust, only to turn on them in the end!'"

"'I'm Death!'" He continued, "And I'm going to eradicate the world to make a Paradise of my own!' Yeah, very mature. Very original!"

"'And I'm Odin. And I show up at last to couple once again with the deceptive b**ch!"

"Please," Finir mused, sitting down on his haunches, gesturing with a mocking claw. "Do go on. I'm waiting for the monologue!"

Deep down, the Dragonkin didn't know what the hell he was doing, or what had overcome him. But he knew that he wanted to shove a fist down his throat before he got himself killed early. Although, he did have an idea who to blame: "...Perhaps Kai rubbed off on me a little too well..."

(OOC: This is in no way mocking Dani's originality for the villains' motives)

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