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Originally Posted by Crimsonred
11/15 to 12/4
PvP 3 times per day to get 5k g per day
why does this sound like a complete knee jerk reaction to the NA server. No time constraint for when these 3 matches need to take place(seriously most of the events like this are from 20:00-22:00) AND ends on the 4th of December, the supposed date of when the NA server goes live. Not to mention 00R in the crusher, a high demand suit in general, with decently high rates. Then an event for newbies that offers a free S rank for reaching what i think is corporal (3 bars) w/ the revamped WZC(EW) being a choice.

I think TW actually wants us to stay on their server. No joke.
Really makes you want a Getter doesn't it?