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In one fell swoop, the blade of the scythe cleaved the cage in two, sending the bottom half plummeting down to the bottom of the cavern. Though there were no screams from the two boys in the cage, there was however one comment,

"Why is everything giant!?"

".. Now we have to go all the way back down," Drake sighed.

"Well at least you're getting your exercise!" Bianca chimed rather cheerfully.

The party traveled back to the bottom of the passage way, where Enoch and Teodoro waited. After a few more words were exchange with the party and at the revelation that Lucifer vanished once again, they continued down the path the originally were following.

The next day...

The party now progressed through a rather tight tunnel. The walls were closing in and yet in the distance...

"Hey, I see a light!" Bianca exclaimed. She began to run on ahead of the group, ignoring whatever warnings they may give her.

"I guess that means we're all dead now," Ludo scoffed.

"Haha, very funny," Drake said dryly.

"That must be the entrance to Eden, then," Enoch stated.

Drake looked at Enoch, "The-what now?"

Soon enough, the party emerged into what seemed even more mystical then the center of the world trees themselves.

They entered a lush area, full of running streams and plenty of foliage. Ruins of ancient buildings much like those at the North Pole were scattered around the area but were more intact then those at the North Pole. Beautiful flowers that bore some resemblance to those of Asgard and Utgard, yet also very foreign, were scattered around the ground. In the middle of the beauty was a grand tree in the distance, much like the Yggdrasil that were in Utgard and Asgard. It appeared to be even more grand then the two and the branches extended to the fragmented skies. Though the skies were mostly normal, it was cracked and where fragments had fallen great myriads of colours replaced the broken spaces. The branches, too, extended into those crevices and continued into the unknown. Both small and big clusters of mana floated to the skies almost like lanterns. In the distance a melody resounded, but the lyrics couldn't be made out... The singer sounded just like the one at the North Pole.

Drake took a few more steps forward, looking at the smaller trees bearing fruit and then took a look at the flowers at his feet, "Okay... I was expecting a flaming inferno, not... This."

"Welcome to the remains of the Garden of Eden... As well as where the Yggdrasil resides," Enoch walked past Drake and looked to the grand tree, "... Before anyone asks, the Yggdrasil in Asgard, Utgard, Midgard, and whatever others branch off from there are all just large branches of this."

Ludo had his eyes on the fragmented skies above, "... I see, so that's why we all ended up at the same place in the world trees."

"Okay well," Enoch began as he turned away from the group, "I need to find Ferre. Zadkiel, Gabriel, you two come with me. The rest of you.. Well, you do whatever."

The three angels left the party.

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