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Nexon contracted to a developer to get maple on the app store. I noticed a few other f2p mmos following suit in the past few months with spin offs in the app store. Maple and doofus/wakfu have found success on the app store. Seeing how popular RPGs are becoming on the platform; it seems like a no brainer for ntreev.

Trickster has an advantage here in that you could translate the games graphical appeal and play style pretty easily to a touch screen device.

I noticed ntreev just released their first English app game (rolling kongs) which is an encouraging sign they may be planning to invest time/money into app development and support. They only have one other app out, exclusively in Korean.

Who knows what deal they have with he developer of this trickster spin off but you can easily translate a title like this. Even if you farm the work out, they control the ip. I'm sure ntreev owns the game code.

The game being published on the app store under the sk telco name indicates their just operating as a sponsor. I'm assuming they carry the iPhone now (obviously). It's hard to read given the only other app they have on the marketplace is a crappy Christmas photo filter for 99$ dollars (lol).*

It's interesting to note the app seems to have become free with in app purchasing to support itself. They seem to be playing with the app and seeing what works for them. If they go with a IAP system (cash shop), any android version is about nil.

You also have to remember that a publisher name on the app store is just a title provided to apple. Many apps are listed under a sponsor or corporate name when the app is operated by a whole different company/owner. That text can change at any time given what dealings are going on.

Either way, It's encouraging and I hope they are considering taking trickster into new platforms.
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