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Default Just came out.. (Trickster iPod Touch + iPhone Application)

Although I'm more on the android side, I still use my iPod Touch for apps. Anyways, I went to an app that shows all the applications from the store going on sale and found a Trickster app (was 1.99 now free). I downloaded it right away and took some photos just for you guys. App came out November 8th, there were taken on the 9th. I need an English version of this game.. RIGHT. NOW..

I'm not too sure if it's going to start costing money but there is an in-game shop allowing you to purchase items with real money.

The combat is actually quite fun, every few hits the bunny spins around and hits a few times.

Stats, not sure what added them really does since at this time you can only create a bunny.

From what I've played of it, there's a coral beach map set that is just like the old ones (before the big episode 2 patch) with the same enemies. There are tons of quests, though I can't read them to understand what to do.. when you enter the shop and talk to compounder Nate and the Blacksmith, there seems to be compounding and refining you can do! It's quite interesting.. There's also a shop with items you can buy.

There are skills, too.. and I'm pretty sure you can drill! Again, I need this in English! :<

I just wanted to share this information with you, if you can't get the app for yourself and have any questions I can answer them the best I can or take more photos if needed.

If you search "Trickster", you can find it. The app has "(Trickster)" written in the name.