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Originally Posted by darkreixor
hey guys what do you think of my build ? it's not finished and i need advices

Skill Simulator CE/CN
Just to make an early comment out of reinshiki,

Please dont revive 1 year old threads like this, you can just post your query at the suggestions and questions section.

I see that you're build strays off the "standard offensive" build for CN.

-> def buff = you can put this off if youre accustomed to how the CN moves and attacks aggressively (seriously that's the whole point of taking the rebellion route; SUPER OFFENSE)

-> Energy Conversion = hmmm i hope youre effective on this, pretty decent in PVP for that extra omfh

-> Mag adrenaline = you should have at least two skills spammed within the 10 secs in order for this to be effective though

-> Elegant Steps = kindly remove this you have air dash nuff said (unless you wanna break your fingers doing "spring step")

-> Queen's Throne = hella good nuff said

Basically, you lack a little bit of spammy skills. I know that you focus on hitting the enemies with normals while you're on throne mode but please reconsider putting some points on mega electron ball(megaman buster) and iron scraps(better than EImpact since it can be thrwn in the air and easy to aim)

and remember:
Please dont revive 1 year old threads

Same for those would read this.

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