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Default Kyzuumi's Gambler Guide

Kyzuumi's Gambler Guide!

Welcome to Kyzuumi's Guide for Gamblers! This will not be an in-depth guide but rather a guideline for all future gamblers and can act as an area to ask questions which can help further grow and augment the guide, especially since I do not have a gambler.

This is meant to be a very basic guide but it is up-to-date as of skills available in Season 2/DNA Update Trickster

Build Graphs & Stats

Stat Breakdown
  • Power - The power stats include AP, which increases your physical attack strength; AC, which boosts the chance of you landing a hit and also increases your critical attacks; and DX, which determines how fast you can melee based on how low it is.
  • Magic - Ignore these stats all together. The only important one is MD, which is your magical defense
  • Sense - Stats include WT, a very important stat as it determines how many potions you can carry and by extensive, how long you can survive; DA, which is a worthless stat to a Gambler; and LK, which determines how often you are blocked, you block a monster, and how often magic attacks miss. Being a Gambler, it also effects how often your Full House recoils on you.
  • Charm - HP, your health. Obviously, the more the better; DP, your defense, which lowers physical attacks; and HV, one of your most important stats. HV effects the efficiency of your Mana Reflector and more. It is also a damaging factor in your Card skills.

Build Graphs
  • 4114 - There's nothing wrong with this build, which is the "hit stuff real good build" You'll have good DX and AC and you'll hit like a truck with some elemental attribute. I'd only suggest 3AP/1WT for this build because you'll need your card skills eventually (namely, to boss), and it's not like AP doesn't effect those skills at all. To go 3HV/1WT will severely dampen your HV growth considering it takes 16 points to get one extra HV. Only getting 7 points per level will put your HV growth at one point every 3 levels or so.
  • 3124 - The average build, you can pretty much do anything with this one. Your DX will hit 0 at level 150ish, so it's perfectly feasible to do anything with this build and still use attribute. You could go pure AP, HP, or HV with this one.
  • 2134 - With the lower AP build stat, I'd only suggest pure HP or HV with this build. It'll come down to your preference, nothing to say about this one, really.
  • 1144 - If you can fund it, this is pretty much the gambler's build. High base LK for Full House, lots of room for cards to carry and pots for all those MP pots you're likely to burn through. If you can muster it, this is the build for you. I'd only ever go pure HP or HV with this build.

The Skill Build

I will merely give a general order to learn your skills, it's up to your descretion to Master at a proper rate, ex. don't master Dodge Master if you don't have the MP to use it.

Warm Up
Dodge Master M
Physical Training M
Card Strike 10 or Master
Super Hips (Passive)
Mana Reflector M
Sturdy Shield 10 or M
One Pair M
Skunk Pouch 10 or M
Impelling Rage 10 or M
Power Charging M
Full House M

Lady Luck M

My reasoning above is that you'll want some extra buffs for the trials, so you learn sturdy shield and reflector. It's better to learn One Pair before IR because it's probably going to be a while before IR becomes useful, and it's more of a pre-requisite for Power Charging anyway.

Everything in italics is a judgment call based on how you judge your own gear.

When it comes to Power Charging and Full House you can get whichever one you want first depending on which you want more and how much TM you have to spare, just remember that Full House has a higher TM level requirement.

Again you may want Lady Luck before Power Charging, at that point when you're TM gets that high it's more based on your own preferences.

PC and FH are both AoEs and if you have under 30k HP you should invest in Full House.


Work from here on mastering your buffs (shield all). If you plan on funding a guardian you won't need any debuffs really.

Et cetera

Guide was written by Jitara at ggFTW MMORPG Community It is her original copy and she'd like it to stay here

I am in no way affiliated with SGI, I am merely a player helping other players.

Guide Version 1.0 - November 5, 2011 (Posted)

As a note, feel free to contribute Gambler players, this guide is also to serve as a composite up-to-date guide/thread for new players who only have dated guides to well, guide them.

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